Kick off of rural Ontario plowing match

The plowing match is an annual pilgrimage for Ontario politicians of all political stripes, who end their day by taking the wheel of a tractor to show off their plowing skills.

Green Leader Mike Schreiner,Premier Dalton McGuinty also spoke at the event, along with Opposition Leader Tim Hudak, and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath.
Each were provided with tractors in their party’s colours: green for Schreiner, Liberal red for McGuinty, Tory blue for Hudak, and NDP orange for Horwath
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Statement after the release of the Environment Commissioner of Ontario’s Annual Report

Today’s Environment Commissioner of Ontario’s Annual Report confirms the Green Party of Ontario’s criticism of the Ontario government’s flawed environmental assessment process on industrial gas plants.

The Liberal’s arrogant dismissal of the legitimate concerns of citizens in King and Oakville is leading to bad decisions for our community’s health, safety and smart planning. The government’s flawed process in King Township threatens the Greenbelt Act, the Planning Act and makes a mockery of the inadequate Environmental Assessment process that does exist.

It makes no sense to build large gas plants near residential communities and schools, which is the case in Oakville and King, nor adjacent to prime farmland in a protected specialty crop area like the Holland Marsh in King Township.

It’s time for the Liberal government to stop and get it right before these gas plants are built and irreparable harm is done to these communities. I remain committed to working with citizens in Oakville and King to pressure the government to do the right thing.

Our legal action against the government seeking a Judicial Review of the flawed process leading to the York Peaker Plant in King Township will continue. We need answers to the questions raised by concerned citizens and by the Environment Commissioner.

Green Party Offers Sensible Solutions for Farmers

Green Party of Ontario (GPO) Leader Mike Schreiner renewed his commitment to an Ontario Food Strategy that supports Ontario farmers while providing all citizens with access to healthy local food. Schreiner believes a profitable farm sector is important to building a prosperous green economy that nourishes our families and communities while promoting health and well being.

While criticizing the Liberal government for not offering sensible solutions to the farm income crisis, Schreiner outlined the GPO’s five point strategy to support and promote the viability of Family Farms in Ontario:

1. Tax Reform that does not penalize farmers for value-added and value-retention facilities, as well as incentives for food vendors to purchase from local farmers and tax credits for farmers and processors to make food donations.

2. Regulatory Reforms that promote smart regulations that support local food processors by considering the size and scale of operations and the implementation of incentives for good land stewardship by paying farmers for producing environmental goods and services.

3. Investment in Rural Infrastructure and Transition Programs to support value-added and value-retention facilities and production practices, local marketing and distribution systems, and research and innovation programs.

4. Buy Local campaigns including a commitment to purchase 40% local food in government of Ontario facilities with mandated increases over time, including a requirement for government facilities to measure and report on local food purchases, and to develop a coordinated provincial healthy food program for schools.

5. Work with the farm community and the federal government to replace CAIS with income stabilization programs with lower caps that have less red tape, are more accessible for a diverse range of farms and don’t penalize farmers who experience bad years.

“A profitable farm sector is critically important to building a prosperous green economy that nourishes our families and communities while promoting health and well being.”
– Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO

“It’s time for real solutions to support Ontario farmers, not empty government rhetoric. Greens are committed to tax and regulatory reforms to support family farms and a government commitment to buy local food.”
– Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO


Jaymini Bhikha

GreenView: Green Party Offers Fresh Ideas for Fall Session

[Cobourg – 16 September, 2010] Green Party of Ontario (GPO) Leader Mike Schreiner remains focused on three priorities for the coming fall session: building a prosperous green economy, promoting the health and well being of all Ontarians, and empowering our local communities to make decisions that are in the best interest of their citizens.
Building a Prosperous Green Economy,
Promoting the Health and Well being of all Ontarians,
Empowering our Local CommunitiesRead the complete article at Northhumberlandview.ca

For Immediate Release: Schreiner Joins Residents and Farmers at Rally


Green Party of Ontario (GPO) Leader Mike Schreiner and Concerned Citizens of King Township joined residents and farmers in the Holland Marsh to rally against the proposed gas generation plant being developed in King Township. Schreiner criticized the Liberal government for circumventing environmental and planning legislation, stomping on local democracy and violating proper process in the decisions on the York Peaker Plant.

Plaintiffs in the legal action against the government announced that they are moving to expedite the legal process. The government’s attempts to delay and dismiss the claim while work has begun on the site prompted the action. The plaintiffs are seeking, among other things, a declaration that the Government has ignored its own legislation, its own promises and its own procurement rules which has served to deny citizens and the municipality the right to have concerns properly aired and addressed.

“The Liberal government’s arrogant disregard for the legitimate concerns of King citizens is wrong. Their actions in circumventing planning and environmental legislation are wrong. We are fighting for what’s right for all Ontarians.”
— Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO

“We want the government to follow its own laws and proper process. This could happen to any community, and we are standing up for citizens across Ontario.”
— Debbie Schaefer, Concerned Citizens of King Township

“Our family follows strict rules in growing healthy local food for all Ontarians. We are simply asking the government to follow the rules as well.”
— Avia Eek, Holland Marsh farmer

– On July 22, plaintiffs filed legal action against the Ontario government seeking a Judicial Review of the process related to the York Energy Centre.
– The proposed plant is located on an active flood plain, in the Ansnorveldt wetlands, in legislatively protected designated countryside of the Greenbelt.
– The closest elementary school is less than 400 metres from the proposed gas plant.
– King Township has publicly indicated on numerous occasions this site does NOT conform to municipal planning requirements.

Jaymini Bhikha

Coal plant will undermine carbon aspirations – Greens

New Zealand Green MP Jeanette Fitzsimons speaks against converting lignite to diesel fuel.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Plans by state-owned coalminer Solid Energy to build a billion-dollar coal-to-diesel fuel plant at its huge lignite deposits in Southland will make a joke of New Zealand’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Green Party says.

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Green Party calls for new funding for Toronto and other municipalities

Levying yet another tax on real estate in Toronto makes it harder for low-income residents.Toronto – July 17, 2007 – In response to Toronto city council’s 23 to 22 decision to defer their vote on a new municipal land transfer tax, Green Party of Ontario (GPO) Leader Frank de Jong announced today that a Green government would give Toronto its portion of the provincial land transfer tax, and would consider doing the same for all Ontario municipalities.

De Jong said that levying yet another tax on the sale of real estate in Toronto makes it harder for low- and middle-income residents to purchase a home. However, he said he understands that local governments have limited fiscal resources and are expected to deliver a wide range of services ranging from garbage pickup to parks and recreation.

“Toronto housing prices are already amongst the highest in the county, so we don’t need to slap another tax on home ownership,” said de Jong, who is currently on a speaking tour in Australia. “But it is critical that local governments have the revenue to deliver the services their residents need.

“It’s time for the provincial government to step up and show some real leadership by taking responsibility for the services it has downloaded onto municipalities.”

Toronto’s proposed municipal land transfer tax is projected to raise $350 to $500 million for the city. Transferring this amount to help Toronto deal with its fiscal shortfall would represent a small investment on the part of the province but could have significant economic benefits, de Jong said.

The GPO would pay for this transfer of provincial revenue through a tax shift that would raise the equivalent amount from “pollution taxes” or a carbon tax.


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