Why is Premier Ford keeping the UnFair Hydro Plan?

Mike Schreiner issued the following statement in response to the 2017/2018 FAO annual report

“If the PC government is concerned about saving money for the people of Ontario, then it would be wise to read last year’s FAO report on the fiscal impact of the UnFair Hydro Plan.

According to the Financial Accountability Officer, the cost of the the Liberals’ political decision to artificially lower hydro bills was $45 billion, but the price tag could skyrocket to as much as $93 billion in the future. That works out to $19,000 per household.

The Conservatives inherited one of the most costly band-aids in Ontario history. I’m shocked and disappointed that the new conservative government has now made the expensive Liberal hydro plan its own.

Doug Ford doesn’t have a real plan for fixing our electricity woes because he is too busy appeasing the nuclear lobby, the main culprit of our broken system. Instead Premier Ford is cancelling clean energy contracts and putting Ontarians on the hook for potentially millions in legal fees from these broken agreements.

The people of Ontario deserve better. They deserve real solutions to rising electricity prices. I am calling on Premier Ford to cancel the UnFair Hydro Plan and to bring real and long-term relief to ratepayers.