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Stop sabotaging climate solutions

Under Ford’s watch, Ontario has abandoned all trace of climate action Tell the Premier to quit sabotaging climate solutions and show leadership on what matters.

Put a stop to cronyism

It’s been far too easy for the Ford government to give out cushy, publicly funded jobs to family and friends. We must fix the system that allowed this scandal to happen.

Create Jobs in the Clean and Caring Economy

We can solve the climate emergency by creating jobs in the clean and caring economy. Jobs building electric vehicles; renovating our homes and buildings; installing clean energy; planting trees; and growing local food.

Support a ban on single-use plastics

This is our chance to say goodbye to the plastic straws, bags, coffee cups and take-away containers clogging up our lakes and landfills. We cannot leave this mess for future generations to clean up.

Stop Bill 108

Bill 108 would remove protections for Ontario’s 230+ species-at-risk, allowing big developers to bulldoze their habitat to turn a profit. Ask your MPP to stand with Mike Schreiner and vote NO on Bill 108!

Big Developers don’t need keys to the city

Doug Ford is giving sprawl-hungry developers the power once again to bulldoze local planning decisions. We need real solutions to the housing crisis. We don’t need to give big developers the keys to the city.

Reject Ford’s Fuel Pump Farce

The Premier is threatening $10,000 fines on gas stations that refuse to put his anti-climate stickers on their pumps. These stickers don’t mention the carbon rebates. And they don’t mention the costs of Ford’s Do-Nothing climate policies. Say no to Ford’s fuel pump farce.

Lift the cap on Overdose Prevention Sites

There is an overdose crisis across Canada. But the Ford government has cut the number of overdose prevention sites from 21 to 15. The consequences will be deadly. Add your name if you want the cap lifted on overdose prevention sites so that lives can be saved in all communities.

Stand with Students

Students are standing up to defend Ontario’s public education system. Students will pay the price for Ford’s cuts to education. Add your name and stand with them.

Losing an environmental advocate

The Environment Commissioner was an independent watchdog for the environment, But Doug Ford has closed her office, ending 25 years of independent oversight. As Dianne Saxe departs, we want to thank the Commissioner for her years of service to protecting Ontario’s environment.

Animal cruelty laws cannot go unenforced

As of April 1st, Ontario will not have a system for investigating and enforcing animal cruelty laws - leaving pets, livestock, and animals across Ontario vulnerable to abuse. The PC government knew this day was coming, but so far has been mum on a solution.

Hands off Ontario Wildlife

The Liberals put the Endangered Species Act on life support when they brought in loopholes for forestry, mining and hydro companies. Now the Conservatives are trying to finish the job.

Release the funding for rape crisis centres

Survivors of sexual violence in Ontario are waiting as long as 18 months for help, amidst a surge in demand at rape crisis centres. These centres were promised new funding last year, but the Ford government froze this funding indefinitely, forcing some centres to fundraise just to help trauma victims.

Tell Ford to make good on his autism promise

Doug Ford promised parents during the election they would not need to protest at Queen’s Park. Now he’s shrugging them off. Ask the Premier to keep his promise and fix the broken autism plan.

Ford must get his nose out of police business

The Premier’s interference in police business has gone from scandal to dumpster fire. The most vocal critic of the Premier’s meddling has lost his job. Did Brad Blair get fired because he aired too much of Doug Ford’s dirty laundry?

Protect our Water: Paris Galt Moraine

Mike Schreiner’s Private Member’s Bill if passed will protect the Paris Galt Moraine, which purifies clean drinking water for nearly 200,000 people in southern Ontario.

Let’s use the right tools to build affordable housing

While the Premier thinks paving over farmland is the only way out of the housing crisis, Greens know there are better solutions for putting a roof over our heads. Let’s get with the times and build the affordable homes that young people, families, and seniors need.

Big money has no place in Ontario politics

Money and influence should not be able to flow freely between those in power and those with power because vulnerable groups simply cannot afford $1600 to whisper in the Premier’s ear.

Stop putting ideology over evidence on healthcare

Send a message to the Minister of Health today, asking her to slow down and put evidence over ideology.

Tell the Health Minister to reverse cuts to Ontario midwives

The government ending the 25-year-long funding support for the College of Midwives of Ontario. In doing so, it has severely undercut services to, for, and by women only in this highly gendered profession.

Stand up to Ford’s Big Power Grab: Bring Back Oversight

Premier Ford axed the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Ontario’s Child and Youth Advocate and the French Language Commissioner. He clearly doesn't want to be accountable to these independent watchdogs who protect the people and places we love.  

Demand a provincial electric vehicle strategy

We should be leading the electric car revolution, not losing jobs to it. The closure of the GM plant in Oshawa highlights the consequences of the government’s war on the $26 trillion global clean economy. Automakers are going electric and Ontario needs to plan for it.

Ask Ford to Come Clean About his Chief of Staff

The people of Ontario deserve to have confidence in the integrity of the Premier’s Office. But recent allegations are raising questions about whether the Premier and his hand-picked staff respect limits to their power.

Extend the Bottled Water Moratorium

There is currently a moratorium on new permits for bottling companies to withdraw water. But it expires soon. The government is seeking public input on whether to extend the moratorium to 2020. We need to tell the PC government loud and clear that our water must be protected.

Demand A Real Climate Plan

Write to the Premier and tell him you want a REAL climate plan. One based on evidence, not ideology, and one that puts Ontario on the right side of history.

Stop treating our lakes and rivers like a sewer

We need to protect our drinking water. We need to conserve our last remaining wetlands and forests to limit the damage from climate change. Add your name and help us keep our lakes, rivers and drinking water clean!

Children’s safety and education should trump ideology

The PC decision to revert to the 1998 sex ed curriculum is a mistake that puts our children at risk. The old curriculum was developed before social media, text messages and smartphones. It is silent on consent, gender diversity and navigating the online world.

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Protect Our Water

Water should be managed as a public trust in the public interest. Public drinking water for communities should have priority access to water over commercial and industrial users.

Fix Mental Health and Addictions in Ontario

We have a crisis in Ontario when it comes to Mental Health and Addictions. Over 12,000 young people are waiting desperately for access to long-term or intensive mental health therapy.

Make sure Lyme patients can get the treatment they need in Ontario

We need your support in advocating that the OHIP system cover in and out of country costs for the treatment of Lyme Disease.

Protect People, Not the Nuclear Industry

Although half of Ontarians live near one of several reactors that line the shores of the Great Lakes, the Ontario government has no plan to deal with a major nuclear emergency.

Put Food and Water First

Ontario's prime farmland and water resources are important to our health, economy and environment. We urge the government to permanently protect Ontario’s prime farmland and source water regions.

Lower payroll taxes for small business

We are urging the  Ontario government to help entrepreneurs create jobs and grow their business by lowering payroll taxes on employees.

Protect Guelph’s Water from the Dolime Quarry

Stop activities at the Dolime Quarry that threaten the quality and quantity of Guelph’s water.

Ban Fracking in Ontario

Fracking poses a threat to our water and has no place in Ontario. Support a ban on fracking by sending a letter to the Premier.