Take Action

Protect our Water: Paris Galt Moraine

Mike Schreiner’s Private Member’s Bill if passed will protect the Paris Galt Moraine, which purifies clean drinking water for nearly 200,000 people in southern Ontario.

Demand A Real Climate Plan

Write to the Premier and tell him you want a REAL climate plan. One based on evidence, not ideology, and one that puts Ontario on the right side of history.

Big money has no place in Ontario politics

Money and influence should not be able to flow freely between those in power and those with power because vulnerable groups simply cannot afford $1600 to whisper in the Premier’s ear.

Tell Ford to make good on his autism promise

Doug Ford promised parents during the election they would not need to protest at Queen’s Park. Now he’s shrugging them off. Ask the Premier to keep his promise and fix the broken autism plan.

Hands off Ontario Wildlife

The Liberals put the Endangered Species Act on life support when they brought in loopholes for forestry, mining and hydro companies. Now the Conservatives are trying to finish the job.

Ford must get his nose out of police business

The Premier’s interference in police business has gone from scandal to dumpster fire. The most vocal critic of the Premier’s meddling has lost his job. Did Brad Blair get fired because he aired too much of Doug Ford’s dirty laundry?


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