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Join the GPO in telling the Ford Government to listen to Ontarians, stop violating your environmental rights and get rid of Bill 197.

Get rid of Bill 197

Doug Ford broke the law by passing Bill 197, allowing him to pave over the Greenbelt without asking you. Call on Ford to stop violating your environment rights and protect the Greenbelt.

Tell Doug Ford we need better climate leadership now!

We Need Stronger Climate Leadership

Net zero emissions are possible. But Ontario is getting left behind. Not only has Doug Ford refused to create a comprehensive plan for climate stabilization, but carbon emissions have gone up under Ford’s leadership.  The time for debate is over. We deserve a Premier who takes climate change seriously.

Kid's Deserve A Proper Back To School Plan

Kids deserve a proper back-to-school plan

Millions of kids are heading back to school. But with cases, hospitalizations and ICU admissions all on the rise, and kids under 12 still ineligible for vaccines, Ford’s refusal to invest in safer schools is setting us up for failure.

Parents, and in particular mothers, have been disproportionately burdened by the pandemic, having to play the role of teacher, caretaker and professional all at once. Parents shouldn’t have to choose between care for their kids and their jobs.

Ontario needs affordable child care

Eight provinces have already signed onto the national affordable child-care program, but Doug Ford is holding Ontario back. Parents shouldn’t have to choose between care for their kids and their jobs. Add your voice and tell Doug Ford to sign a deal with the Federal government to bring affordable child care to Ontario.

More highways won't solve congestion- Have your say on Ford's Greater Golden Horseshoe Transportation Plan

Doug Ford needs to rethink his transportation plan

The Ford government recently put out a discussion paper for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) Transportation Plan. While there’s an increased focus on transit in the plan, Doug Ford remains determined to pave over the Greenbelt with new highways. But more highways won’t solve congestion.

Help Stop a Climate Catastrophe Action Campaign

Help Avert Climate Catastrophe

We’re headed towards climate disaster if we continue with the status quo. Failure to act with acute urgency means deadlier heat waves, more frequent flooding, more intense storms, increased ocean acidification, rising sea levels, longer droughts, and more devastating wildfires. The silver lining: we can avoid the worst — if urgent climate action is taken. But we need to act. Now.

Justice For Grassy Narrows Action Campaign

Justice For Grassy Narrows

The mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows, and the subsequent health impacts on the community, is a stain on Ontario’s history and for decades governments have failed to act to protect residents. For far too long the legacy parties in Ontario have ignored the health and safety of the people of Grassy Narrows.

Affordable & accessible transit is key to tackling the climate crisis and creating more connected communities. Tell Doug Ford to make transit a priority & bring back the Northlander passenger rail. - Graphic For Action Campaign

Help put the Ontario Northlander back on the tracks

Affordable and accessible transit is key to tackling the climate crisis and creating more connected communities. That’s why we need to urgently bring back the Ontario Northlander passenger rail service. And despite the empty promises from the Premier Ford, the current government keeps punting the issue down the line. Ontario Greens are committed to urgently bringing back passenger rail. Help us make it happen, today.

World is Burning Action Campaign - Social Media Image

We are in a Climate Emergency

Natural disasters like flooding & wildfires will become more commonplace if we continue to ignore the climate crisis. Everything about climate change is an emergency. We need to act urgently on climate and we need to do it now.

Sprawl is a driver of climate emissions in Ontario. We have a plan to tackle the climate and housing crises at the same time.

Help Stamp Out Sprawl

It’s getting harder and harder for Ontarians to find an affordable place to call home. And at the same time, the climate crisis gets more severe every day. What if I told you we could tackle the housing crisis and take climate action at the same time? Through infill development, we can add more housing options like the missing middle and mid-rise buildings. By doing so, we’ll create connected, affordable and sustainable communities that are good for people and the planet.

Help us solve the housing affordability crisis. Everyone deserves a place to call home. Greens have a plan to make that a reality.

Solve the Housing Crisis

It shouldn’t take the average person in Ontario 15 years to save for a down payment to be able to buy a house. Or take a minimum wage worker in Kingston a 55 hour work week just to afford a one-bedroom apartment. Or a 63 hour work week in Barrie. And in Toronto? Over half of the city’s population is unable to afford a one bedroom apartment on their own. Greens have a plan for housing.

Give Doug Ford a lesson on education models and tell him that hybrid learning is a terrible idea.

Say No To Hybrid Learning

The best place for kids to be is in the classroom. But instead of taking the necessary measures to ensure schools are safe, Ford and Lecce are pushing an inequitable model that could lead to a two-tiered public education system. Give Doug Ford a lesson on education models and tell him that hybrid learning is a terrible idea.

Protecting the environment is NOT red tape. We must make smart growth decisions by protecting the places we love. Tell Doug Ford to stop pumping money into highways and start investing in people and the planet.

Holland Marsh Highway

It’s no secret that Doug Ford thinks protecting the environment is red tape. He’s proving that once again with his plan to pave over wetlands and risk sending chemical runoff into Lake Simcoe. Tell Doug Ford to stop pumping money into highways and start investing in people and the planet.

Happy Birthday Mike!

Want to wish the Green Party of Ontario's leader Mike Schreiner a happy birthday? Help make Mike’s birthday wish of more Green MPPs come true by supporting our 2022 election efforts! Donate today!

Protect nature. Fight climate change. Protect carbon sinks.

Protect Ontario’s Carbon Sinks

Carbon sinks are wetlands, soil, and water that pull more carbon from the air than they release. But instead of preserving Ontario's carbon sinks, Doug Ford is paving them over and accelerating climate change.

It's Time To Stop Subsidizing Fossil Fuels - Caption Over Smokestacks Image

No More Fossil Fuels

This past week of spring drew record-breaking heat. Several municipalities sent out heat warnings cautioning people to stay cool and indoors if possible. Tell Doug Ford to acknowledge reality and stop subsidizing fossil fuels.

Support a Greenbelt expansion

Support a Greenbelt expansion

We need to expand the Greenbelt to include all moraines, urban river valleys, and other ecologically sensitive areas; and ensure that all our natural spaces are protected by saying no to environmentally destructive projects like Highway 413.

Female worker installing a solar panel. The text says “Climate Action equals Job Action. Add your name to support a Green Recovery.”

Ontario Needs a Green Retrofit Building Program

A Green Retrofit Building Program would not only help reduce climate pollution and conserve energy, but it would also create hundreds of thousands of jobs. Tell Doug Ford Climate Action IS Job Action

Protect Our Natural Heritage. Tell Doug Ford to STOP misusing MZOs

Stop destroying our natural heritage

Minister’s Zoning Orders (MZOs) should be the exception, not the rule. With Schedule 3 of Bill 257, Doug Ford is once again declaring open season on wetlands, farmlands and greenspaces. We need your help!

Save the Duffins Creek Wetland

Save the Duffins Creek wetland

The Lower Duffins Creek Wetland isn't just a pretty place where birds nest. It’s a critical natural infrastructure that helps prevent flooding. So when Doug Ford gives away wetlands, he is driving up the climate change costs for all of us.

The pandemic has affected racialized communities more than others. This is unacceptable. Add your name to change this.

Let’s end health inequities

The pandemic has affected racialized communities more than others. This is unacceptable. It needs to change. Add your voice and tell Doug Ford to act on health inequities.

Workers shouldn't have to choose between health and income. Add your name to restore paid sick leave.

Restore paid sick leave

When the Ford government revoked paid sick leave in 2018, it forced low-wage employees to choose between their health and their income. Tell Doug Ford to make workers’ health a top priority.

Protect Nature. Prevent Floods

Protect Nature. Prevent Floods.

Despite province-wide opposition, the Ford government passed Schedule 6 along with its omnibus Budget Bill 229, gutting crucial environmental protections.

Add your name to Save wetlands from sprawl

Save wetlands from sprawl

Doug Ford is abusing special zoning orders to give away the places we love to deep-pocketed developers, many of whom are also Conservative party donors. Sign our letter to save wetlands from reckless development.

Add your name to Keep electoral reform alive

Keep Electoral Reform Alive

In 2018, London was the first city in Ontario to ditch our broken voting system and adopt ranked ballots. Cambridge, Kingston and Toronto were on their way to doing the same. But Doug Ford wants to cancel this progress and prohibit ranked ballots in all 444 municipalities.

Healthy Food for Ontario Schools. Sign our letter to the Education Minister

Healthy Food in Ontario Schools

Children cannot learn on an empty stomach. Let’s create an Ontario-wide school lunch program to guarantee at least one healthy meal for every student.

Doctors have more important things to do than fill out sick notes. Add your name to get rid of sick notes

Scrap Sick Notes

People should stay home when they are feeling sick, not forced to visit a crowded doctor’s office. Add your name to get rid of sick notes.

Indigenous Rights are not red tape. Add your name to uphold Indigenous Rights

Uphold Indigenous Rights

When Doug Ford forced through Bill 197, he rolled back environmental laws and ignored treaty obligations. Now, multiple First Nations are suing him to uphold their constitutional rights and protect their land.

We should protect it, not destroy it. Add your name to stop mining in Wolf Lake

Protect Wolf Lake

Some places need protection. Wolf Lake is one of them - home to the largest remaining old-growth red pine forest in the world. Add your name to stop mining in Wolf Lake.

#buildBackSmarter For a greener and more caring Ontario

Support a Green Recovery

The choices we make today about how to reboot our lives will shape how we live for generations to come. This is our moment to build back a Green and Caring Recovery.

Add your name to Save Ontario Farmland

Stop the GTA West Highway 413

The proposed GTA West Highway will cut through the Greenbelt, prime farmland, rivers and cost taxpayers $6 Billion at a time when Ontarians are facing an economic crisis from the pandemic.

Our Great Lakes are worth fighting for.

Protect Great Lakes from Climate Change

Climate change, heat waves and rising water levels are threatening the Great Lakes. Fish and wildlife will suffer. We will have less places to swim and even our drinking water can become compromised. Tell Doug Ford that we need climate action now.

Defend Ontario's Environmental Laws. Sign our letter to fix Bill 197

Fix Bill 197

When Doug Ford fast-tracked Bill 197 and weakened environmental assessments, he failed to ask the public first and broke the law. The only way to make this right is to fix Bill 197.

Our lakes and landfills are drowning in plastic. Add your name for a ban on single-use plastics

Ban single-use plastics

Ontario generates 12 million tonnes of waste every year. Our lakes and landfills are drowning in plastic. Add your name to support a ban on single-use plastics

Rights for Migrant Workers. Add your name

Rights for Migrant Workers

With fewer protections than other workers, migrant workers are contracting COVID-19. Sign our petition to treat them as essential, not invisible.

Add your name to Protect our water

Protect Guelph’s Water

The Paris Galt Moraine Conservation Act would protect the drinking water of 200,000 people in southern Ontario, putting public interest ahead of private profit. Sign our petition to pass Bill 71.

Clean vehicles. Clean air. Add your name

Keep our air clean

We don't need to wave goodbye to clean air when we reopen the economy. Sign our petition to make electric vehicles a cornerstone of Ontario's COVID-19 recovery.

Sign our petition to fix long-term care today. we cannot delay improving elder care

Improve Elder Care Now

Our parents and grandparents deserve a long-term care system that shows them dignity and respect. We can no longer delay improving conditions. Sign our petition to start fixing long-term care today.

Support local food grown in Ontario

Support Local Food

From gardens to greenhouses, local food is keeping people fed during COVID-19. We're calling on the province to focus more on food that is grown, processed, and sold right here in Ontario. Sign our petition!

Bike lanes. Sidewalks. Parks. Add your name to reclaim public space

Reimagining our public spaces

Let’s invest in more bike lanes and sidewalks. Let’s expand city parks to help everyone’s physical and mental health. Let’s build neighbourhoods that protect green space rather than pave over it. Sign our petition to reclaim public space.

Sign our petition for an overhaul of Ontario's nursing homes

Care for our seniors

Ontario’s long-term care system has been neglected for years, leaving our elders ignored and vulnerable. Sign our petition for an overhaul of Ontario’s nursing homes.

Sign our petition for Emergency Basic Income. Now.

Emergency Basic Income. Now.

People need immediate financial relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. No hoops to jump through. No waiting periods. Sign our petition for an emergency universal basic income.

Save Ontario's forests: Tell Conservatives to conserve our forests...

Save Ontario’s forests

Every year Ontario loses 40,000 football fields of forest due to clear-cut logging. Instead of conserving forests to fight climate change, Doug Ford is speeding up their destruction. Instead of conserving forest habitat to save dwindling caribou herds, Doug Ford is bulldozing it.

Better Internet for Rural Ontario

Better Internet for Rural Ontario

While big cities in Ontario enjoy fast and reliable internet service, people in rural areas live in a digital past. It's time to close the connectivity gap.


Stop the war on renewable energy

The nuclear price tag will increase our electricity bills - 16.5 cents/kWh from Darlington by 2025. Better deals are out there: solar, wind and Quebec's hydro power are all cheaper.


Support the Green Party Climate Plan

The Auditor General gave Doug Ford’s climate plan a failing grade and no chance of meeting our climate targets. Greens have a plan to make Ontario carbon-neutral by 2050. Sign our petition to support our plan.

Make Ontario Place a Provincial Park

Let’s create a public space we can all enjoy, while preserving biodiversity and fighting climate change. Sign our petition to make Ontario Place a provincial park!

Ban Fracking in Ontario

We have the most fossil-fuel friendly Premier in years, who has pledged blanket support to oil and gas pipelines and repealed our climate laws. It’s just a matter of time before the oil lobby tries to frack in Ontario. And they have an ally in this Conservative government.

Hands off the Greenbelt

90% of Ontarians have said they want the Greenbelt protected. But obviously Ford needs to hear it again. Sign our letter to say, Hands off the Greenbelt.

Don’t unplug our electric future

Ford’s anti-EV strategy is wasteful and does nothing but keep Ontario behind. Tell the Minister of Economic Development to prepare Ontario for the EV future, not sabotage it.

Lift the cap on Overdose Prevention Sites

There is an overdose crisis across Canada. But the Ford government has cut the number of overdose prevention sites from 21 to 15. The consequences will be deadly. Add your name if you want the cap lifted on overdose prevention sites so that lives can be saved in all communities.

Protect our Water: Paris Galt Moraine

Mike Schreiner’s Private Member’s Bill if passed will protect the Paris Galt Moraine, which purifies clean drinking water for nearly 200,000 people in southern Ontario.

Tell the Health Minister to reverse cuts to Ontario midwives

The government ending the 25-year-long funding support for the College of Midwives of Ontario. In doing so, it has severely undercut services to, for, and by women only in this highly gendered profession.

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Fix Mental Health and Addictions in Ontario

We have a crisis in Ontario when it comes to Mental Health and Addictions. Over 12,000 young people are waiting desperately for access to long-term or intensive mental health therapy.