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Let’s work together to bring positive change to solve important challenges in Ontario and around the world.

Demand A Real Climate Plan

Write to the Premier and tell him you want a REAL climate plan. One based on evidence, not ideology, and one that puts Ontario on the right side of history.

Hands off the Greenbelt

Doug Ford opened a back door to developing the Greenbelt with a Bill that also guts hard-earned drinking water and environmental protections. We’re not surprised.

Extend the Bottled Water Moratorium

There is currently a moratorium on new permits for bottling companies to withdraw water. But it expires soon. The government is seeking public input on whether to extend the moratorium to 2020. We need to tell the PC government loud and clear that our water must be protected.

Stop treating our lakes and rivers like a sewer

We need to protect our drinking water. We need to conserve our last remaining wetlands and forests to limit the damage from climate change. Add your name and help us keep our lakes, rivers and drinking water clean!


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