Create positive change


Every individual can make a difference.
Let’s work together to bring positive change to solve important challenges in Ontario and around the world.

Say No to the Monopolization of Cannabis

The cannabis industry should be like the craft brewery industry - helping build local businesses, creating local jobs and contributing tax dollars to local communities across the province.

Ban Fracking in Ontario

Fracking poses a threat to our water and has no place in Ontario. Support a ban on fracking by sending a letter to the Premier.

Lower payroll taxes for small business

We are urging the  Ontario government to help entrepreneurs create jobs and grow their business by lowering payroll taxes on employees.

Protect Guelph’s Water from the Dolime Quarry

Stop activities at the Dolime Quarry that threaten the quality and quantity of Guelph’s water.

Unlock Affordable Housing

The housing crisis is a complex problem that requires creative solutions. Take action to make sure every person in Ontario can afford a home.

Put Food and Water First

Ontario's prime farmland and water resources are important to our health, economy and environment. We urge the government to permanently protect Ontario’s prime farmland and source water regions.