Schreiner to Ford: Show us a plan before scrapping pollution pricing

The conservative government is disrespecting the people of Ontario by putting forward legislation to kill cap-and-trade without an alternative plan.

Now we know what Premier Ford won’t do to address climate change, but he refuses to say what he will do.

“Premier Ford would rather have nothing than have something on climate change. He wants to take a sledgehammer to what’s already in place and figure out what to do with the pieces later,” said the MPP for Guelph and leader of the Green Party of Ontario, Mike Schreiner. “How can we vote to cancel cap-and-trade when we don’t know what we’re replacing it with?”

The wholesale elimination of pollution pricing and the cancellation of all the energy saving programs it funds leaves the province with absolutely no climate change plan. No plan for meeting emissions targets. No plan for helping people, schools, hospitals and businesses to save money by saving energy.

“This is the same approach the Premier is taking with the sexual health curriculum: cancel first; think later. The sex ed decision leaves us with the 1998 curriculum that leaves kids without proper tools to keep them safe in the modern world. The cap-and-trade decision combined with cancelled renewable energy projects puts Ontario businesses in a tough spot,” said Schreiner.

“Premier Ford has put up a closed for business sign for companies creating jobs in the $7 trillion clean economy.”

The polluter pays principle is fundamental to having clean air and a livable planet. But the PC government wants to give polluters a free pass – giving them license to operate as if climate change and air pollution aren’t real. This puts Ontario out of touch with the modern world.

“I invite the Premier to join the 21st century and fight for clean jobs and our children’s future,” said Schreiner.