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Ford continues to disrespect business community

July 25, 2018

TORONTO — Mike Schreiner issued the following statement in response to the Cap and Trade Cancellation Act introduced in the Ontario Legislature today:

“Premier Ford continues to wreak havoc on the business community in Ontario. The reckless decision to cancel cap-and-trade without an alternative plan gambles with our future and signals to job creators and investors that Ontario is closed for business.

The PC government is planning to reimburse just a tiny fraction of $2.87 billion in now worthless permits, leaving us all to speculate about the ultimate legal and financial costs if Ontario is dragged into court by Quebec, California or the many companies affected. These costs would be borne by taxpayers.

The Premier is disrespecting taxpayers subjecting them to legal and reputational risks. His ideologically driven legal battle against the federal government’s climate plan will cost taxpayers even more.

Ontario needs a real climate plan that puts a price on pollution, puts money in people’s pockets and supports jobs in the clean economy. Instead we are getting a war on the modern world and no indication from the PC government that climate change is on their radar.”