Guelph - Mike Schreiner 2018

Mike Schreiner

for Guelph

Leader of the Green Party of Ontario

Mike Schreiner was elected as Guelph MPP in the 2018 provincial election with 45% of the vote. During his first two years at Queen's Park, Mike has been an outspoken advocate for local food and water, affordable housing, small businesses, and mental health.

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About Mike...

Mike Schreiner is an outspoken advocate for local food and water, affordable housing, small businesses, and mental health. He is a proponent of cooperating across party lines and putting people before politics.

Since he was elected as leader of the GPO in 2009, Mike has put the party on the political map and saw it through tremendous growth in membership and public recognition.

He passed Ontario's first-ever Green law, which protects electric vehicle drivers, while introducing other bills to conserve drinking water, get big money out of politics, and remove routine sick notes.

Prior to his role as leader of the GPO, Mike was a successful entrepreneur and small business owner and one of the early advocates of the local food movement. He founded multiple initiatives including Local Food Plus, WOW Foods and EarthDance Organics to connect sustainable farmers with Ontario households.

Mike grew up on a farm, which instilled a passion for protecting people and the planet at a young age. He and his wife Sandy and their two daughters are very active in the local community and spend their free time gardening, hiking, fishing, cycling.

He was motivated to enter politics to tackle the climate crisis and income inequality while restoring integrity to our democracy.

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For general inquiries about Mike's candidacy, send an email to leader@gpo.ca.
Otherwise, if you are looking to get in touch with someone at the Green Party of Ontario, click here.

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“I chose to lead the Green Party of Ontario because we do politics differently.

We are committed to honesty, integrity and making decisions that put people first.”