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Ford manipulating Toronto elections for political gain

July 30, 2018

TORONTO — One Toronto City Councillor made a shocking statement at Queen's Park today.

“There’s going to be less left-leaning politicians in the city of Toronto and that means it’s a great thing.”

This is what Toronto City Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti said today in a press conference attended by the seven councillors supporting Premier Ford’s arbitrary and erratic decision to interfere in Toronto’s municipal elections without any consultation with the people of Toronto or Ontario.

The remarks from one of Premier Ford’s municipal supporters suggest that Ford’s unilateral move is more about settling old scores and gerrymandering the political boundaries than serving the people of Toronto.

“Premier Ford is putting himself before the people he was elected to serve,” said Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner. “It is anti-democratic for the Premier to interfere with municipal elections in the middle of a campaign.”

Premier Ford has defended his overnight rule change on the basis of efficiencies and savings. But the councillor’s comments today cast doubt on these statements.

“The Premier needs to be held accountable for Councillor Mammoliti’s comments. People have a right to know if the Premier is abusing his power to play political games and score personal points,” said Schreiner.