Schreiner responds to ETFO work-to-rule announcement

Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the ETFO announced plans for a work-to-rule campaign beginning November 26:

“The government has derailed negotiations by passing Bill 124 and infringing upon teachers’ constitutionally protected collective bargaining rights.

Free and fair bargaining is impossible when one side changes the rules in the middle of negotiations and hobbles the rights of the other side.

The bottom line is that teachers are standing up for high-quality public education in the face of a cut-based agenda.

I share their frustration that the government is ignoring real concerns about violence in classrooms and supports for students with special needs.

It should not take the threat of job action for the Education Minister to care about these issues.

I respect teachers’ right to exercise work-to-rule to advocate for themselves and for the children, families, and communities they serve.

It’s up to the government now to start listening to the concerns of teachers, parents and students.”