#MikeAtTheMic trends on Twitter across Canada today

TORONTO, ON — A Twitterstorm erupted this afternoon, with the campaign to get Mike Schreiner a spot at the televised provincial leaders debate on Sunday one of the most tweeted topics of the day. The #MikeAtTheMic hashtag was trending at #1 in Toronto and was also a top trender across Canada.

“It’s overwhelming to see this much support for fair debates featuring all four publicly funded parties. The Ontario Broadcasters Group might try to silence us on Sunday, but thousands of Ontarians spoke out against their censorship today,” said Schreiner.

By 3:15pm, there had been 3,747 tweets reaching close to 260,000 people and viewed over 872,000 times. The explosion of activity prompted a response from a representative of the media consortium, Mackay Taggart of Global, who tweeted:

Mike Schreiner had this to say in reaction:

“Mr. Taggart’s response illustrates exactly why unelected, unaccountable TV executives should not be determining something so fundamental to our democracy. The Ontario Broadcasters Group has still yet to explain why they decided to use different rules than those set by Elections Ontario for public funding of political parties. The net result is a censorship of the Greens and a failure to the people of Ontario.”

A selection of the popular tweets can be read below.