Liberals: Spend Now, Pay Later

Statement from Green Party of Ontario Leader, Mike Schreiner, on Spring 2018 Economic and Budget Outlook from the FAO.

“The Liberals are maxing out our children’s credit cards with their reckless approach to spending.

Their UnFair Hydro Plan to artificially lower hydro rates benefits those who can afford to use lots of power the most, and it will cost billions in the long run.

We need clean and affordable public transit and essential social programs like pharmacare and dental care. But we need to be honest about how we are going to pay for them. Magic money and fairy dust are not going to do the trick, nor is passing the check to future generations.

Greens are not afraid to raise resource royalty rates, increase taxes on big corporations, and impose congestion charges to pay for the services we need.  These are real solutions, and they are more responsible than funding our programs on the backs of our children. But the Liberals won’t ask their corporate donors and industry lobbyists to pay more because they’d rather have younger Ontarians foot the bill.

The Liberals are upfront about spending money, but shady about paying for it.”