Real People, Real Solutions – Guelph Clothing Swap

Meet Karyn Bosco, who helps Guelph reduce clothing waste by encouraging re-use in an Annual Spring Clothing Swap

Real People, Real Solutions is a series of interviews with people who are making a difference in communities across Ontario. Hosted by GPO leader Mike Schreiner.

In honor of Waste Reduction Week, we’re featuring Guelph’s Annual Spring Clothing Swap. In this episode, Mike talks to Karyn Bosco who started the event in the hopes of combatting the fast fashion industry and reducing clothing waste that would otherwise go into landfills – all while encouraging buyers to have fun shopping for all the clothes they can swap for only $10! Proceeds are then donated to local charities chosen by the public.

About Guelph’s Annual Spring Clothing Swap

It’s fun. And it’s simple. Bring ONE bag of your best pre-loved clothing (clean and folded, women’s and unisex) and swap it out for your wardrobe for just $10! You simply shop away, chat with other great women, check out the silent auction table, drink coffee or tea and eat snacks. You can also try on any of the clothing you’ve picked up in any of the makeshift changerooms. Proceeds go to local charities of your choosing.