Real People, Real Solutions – Peter Ormond, Eco5


In this episode, Mike talks to Peter Ormond, a community leader in terms of helping people save energy about how they can make small changes in their own homes and businesses to really engage in the Green economy, enabling them to save money while saving the planet at the same time.

About Eco5 and Peter Ormond
eco5 is the acronym for Environmentally Conscious Organization, and the “5” represents the 5 R’s of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink and Revitalize.

Peter has engineering degrees and an MBA that helps him recognize the glaring disconnect between our formal educational / theoretical world and the practical solutions that will benefit the Earth. He has run in several elections as a Green Party candidate and attended several United Nations Climate Change Conferences.

​Reducing waste from single-use coffee pods a good initiative


Matt Richter, GPO candidate in Parry Sound Muskoka, made the following statement on MPP Norm Miller’s Bill 173 An Act respecting the sale of single-use beverage pods: 

“Thank you to Norm Miller for taking the initiative with Bill 173 to support fully compostable single-use coffee pods.

Keeping the millions of pods used annually out of garbage dumps helps the environment and our economy.

Ontario entrepreneurs already have the creativity to come up with various compostable options. Passing Bill 173 will help support this creativity, promoting a sustainable business model and reducing trash that affects the bottom line of every municipality.

The Green Party has long called for a zero waste strategy, involving businesses and consumers in creating a system for sustainable waste management.

Thanks to MPP Miller for taking this step in addressing a growing waste problem. We just wish it had a faster implementation than four years – we support taking urgent action.

I urge the other parties at Queen’s Park to support MPP Miller’s initiative.”

Real People, Real Solutions – Guelph Clothing Swap


Meet Karyn Bosco, who helps Guelph reduce clothing waste by encouraging re-use in an Annual Spring Clothing Swap