Partisan heckling and political insults at Queen’s Park need to stop

Green Party of Ontario leader and MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner issued the following statement in response to the Speaker suspending Question Period today:

“The partisan heckling and political insults at Queen’s Park need to stop.

We were elected to serve the people of Ontario, not to engage in the kind of shouting match I just witnessed between the Premier and the Leader of the Official Opposition this morning.

I was elected on a promise to do politics differently, to put serving people above political self-interest. Respect for the Legislature and for other elected members, even those who I disagree with on policy, is essential because it shows respect for the people who elected us.

Unfortunately, the Progressive Conservative and NDP caucuses seem more interested in hurtling partisan insults and tearing each other down than in building Ontario up.

The Premier has a responsibility to set the tone at Queen’s Park. Unfortunately, the level of debate is quickly deteriorating.

I encourage the Premier, the Leader of the Official Opposition and all members to remember that we were elected to serve people in Ontario, not to insult members of other parties.”

Real solutions needed to put people before politics

“We need people powered change to clean up the mess at Queen’s Park,” says Schreiner. "The sad state of Ontario politics has real world consequences."