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Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario and MPP for Guelph, is the first Green MPP elected to the Ontario Legislature in 2018.

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Greens support review of penned dog hunting expansion

March 27, 2024

QUEEN'S PARK — Ontario Greens leader and MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner made the following statement in response to news that two animal rights organizations have requested a review of the Ford government’s legislation that expands the practice of penned dog hunting.

“Greens stand with the animal rights organizations trying to stop the Ford government’s cruel expansion of penned dog hunting in Ontario.

There’s a reason that penned dog hunting is banned in almost every other Canadian province. It’s incredibly cruel to the wild animals that are used as live bait, and creates a dangerous environment for the dogs being trained to hunt and kill.

These so-called trial and train facilities have no place in Ontario.”