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Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario and MPP for Guelph, is the first Green MPP elected to the Ontario Legislature in 2018.

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Penned dog hunting has no place in Ontario

May 29, 2023

QUEEN'S PARK — Ontario Greens leader and MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner released the following statement as the Ford government prepares to pass legislation that will expand the practice of penned dog hunting in Ontario.

“Ontario Greens are deeply disturbed about the Ford government’s proposal to allow new licences and transfers for penned dog hunting facilities, or ‘train and trial’ areas, in Ontario.

A previous PC government began to phase out new train and trial areas in 1997 – for good reason.

Twenty-five years later, the Ford government’s move to grant licences for new train and trial spaces, and to allow existing licences to be transferred to new owners, is a giant step backwards.

Penned hunting is incredibly cruel to the coyotes, foxes, and rabbits that are used as live bait. It also poses risks to the dogs being trained.

No other Canadian province permits penned dog hunting. These facilities have no place in Ontario.

Instead of opening new applications, the government should prioritise strengthening the existing legislation that bans new facilities, and shutting down the few that remain.

I call on the Ford government to strike schedule 14 of Bill 91 and stop this cruel and inhumane proposal in its tracks.”