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COVID vaccine plan for kids has to be done right

November 3, 2021

It’s crucial we prioritize protecting those in more vulnerable situations. Let’s get it right so we can protect children and put the pandemic behind us.


QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to Dr. Moore’s announcement on booster shots:

“It makes sense to start getting booster shots out to protect elders, frontline workers and other higher-risk Ontarians if we have the supply.

It’s crucial we prioritize protecting those in more vulnerable situations. As has been shown for the past 2 years: the effects of COVID-19 are not felt equally.

As we wait for Health Canada’s approval for under 12 vaccines, it is critical the Ford government provide consistent and frequent messaging for parents to ensure their questions and concerns are addressed.

Many parents are anxious and waiting on answers for when and how their kids can get vaccinated.

And while today’s announcement provides some additional information, more is needed to understand the role that primary care providers, or other medical clinics will play in helping to vaccinate children.

The mass vaccine clinic approach that worked for adults will likely not be as effective for younger kids.

As of today, almost 500 schools have COVID-19 cases, and 4 are currently closed due to outbreaks.

It’s vital that we get the vaccine plan for kids right and avoid the “Hunger Games” approach we experienced this spring. Protecting kids and ensuring classrooms can be safer and schools can stay open is essential for children’s health, well-being and positive learning outcomes.

Kids are at increased risk in schools, and are exposed to unvaccinated education workers because Doug Ford refuses to make them mandatory.

Let’s get to work and get it right so we can protect children, keep schools open, and put the pandemic behind us.”