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Small businesses need more advance notice and support for reopening

June 30, 2021


TORONTO — Mike Schreiner released the following statement regarding small business reopening:

“While it’s good to see more small businesses opening today after months of being shuttered, they need more support. And businesses not yet open need advance notice of guidelines to prepare for eventual re-opening when we hit Step 3.

Months and months of lockdown have meant more debt and less income for many small businesses. And even now, only 34% of small businesses are making normal sales.

We need a third round of funding to help businesses survive the third wave.

Since the actual restrictions and guidelines for what’s allowed in Step 2 weren’t released far enough in advance, many businesses were unable to properly plan for today’s re-opening.

Businesses need time and notice to plan and prepare, especially when COVID restrictions are involved. PPE needs to be purchased, staffing secured, and measures to support distancing implemented. This all takes time and money.

The many businesses that will still be closed until Step 3 need to know what restrictions will be in place and what guidelines they need to plan for.

I’m calling on Premier Ford to support small business by:

  • Providing a third round of funding from the Small Business Support Grant
  • Expanding eligibility for the Small Business Support Grant
  • Giving advance notice for what Step 3 restrictions and beyond will look like”