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Schreiner announces Green Priorities for Spring Budget

March 22, 2021


Link to this morning’s livestream here.

QUEEN’S PARK — This morning via livestream, Mike Schreiner outlined the Green Party’s top 6 priorities for the upcoming Spring Budget, including:

  1. Comprehensive safe workplaces plan
  2. Funded 4 hours of care for LTC residents
  3. Rent relief for tenants and landlords and supportive housing for the homeless
  4. Small business supports and expanded eligibility of Grant program
  5. Green Recovery rooted in a five-year, $5-billion green building program
  6. Four year, $4 billion mental health plan

“We have a real choice for what kind of Ontario we want for generations to come,” Schreiner said. “Is it going to be Premier Ford’s reckless, irresponsible, and destructive path that paves over the places we love and puts the people we care about at risk? Or will it be the Green Party’s approach of investing in people and the planet, making our communities more caring, inclusive, and healthy?”

Schreiner concluded by thanking everyone who has been speaking out on these important issues and promised Ontarians that he will continue to bring their voices to Queen’s Park.