Expansion of cannabis retail market

Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the government announced it would be eliminating the lottery system and cap on cannabis stores:

“It’s about time that the Ford government pulled the plug on its failing lottery system.

The lottery system simply wasn’t working. It was failing to make a dent in the illegal market, while doing a disservice to entrepreneurs who wanted to start a business the responsible way.

There were so many examples of people who made upfront investments, signed leases, and went through all the proper channels only to be locked out by the lottery system.

The Ford government allowed this failing model to drag on for too long, while the illegal, unsafe underground market continued to thrive.

But now we can get things on track to license many more stores to meet Ontarians’ demand for safe, legal cannabis.

But this does not end the challenge to transition people away from the unsafe illegal system.

The government must find solutions on quality and price, two of the biggest factors in people’s decision of whether to choose a legal store or an illegal dealer.”