Schreiner gets 3000 climate change testimonials in less than 24 hours

In preparation for the final debate on Bill 4, the climate cancellation bill, Green Party of Ontario Leader and Guelph MPP, Mike Schreiner sent out an email asking people what message they would like to send to Premier Ford about climate action.

“The Premier continues to fight against climate action undeterred by evidence, criticisms from the business community, market-friendly solutions, and even the most dire warning to date from the world’s top scientists. So I thought maybe the government could be persuaded by the people they claim to be ‘for.’” said Schreiner.

The response was astounding. Within a few hours, over 1000 responses were received, and by the next day, his inbox was flooded with 3000 emails rejecting Bill 4.

“I heard from mothers and fathers genuinely afraid about bringing children into this world. I heard from professionals and scientists shocked the government is blatantly ignoring the facts. And I heard from the elderly, gravely concerned about what their grandchildren would endure in 10 or 20 years due to our government’s inaction. They all told me that they expect leadership and vision, not cynical political games and a defence of big oil,” said Schreiner.

“I’d like to know what the government consultation numbers are. From the 3000 responses I’ve received, Ontarians are ashamed the Ford government is abandoning responsibility on climate action. Many of the people who contacted espoused conservative values, shocked that the Premier is neglecting his responsibility to conserve our environment,” added Schreiner.

Schreiner also fact-checked the government on its absurd spin about job losses and economic decline. He pointed out that the five best economic performing provinces in Canada all have a price on pollution. The best-performing economies in Europe, as well as California, which has already met its emissions targets early, have a price on pollution. Schreiner also called out the government for deceiving Ontarians about carbon fee and dividend.

“How is pollution pricing a tax grab if the money is rebated back to Ontarians? In fact, carbon fee and dividend is the most market-friendly, low-cost climate solution. It is supported by conservative economists including Stephen Harper’s former policy advisor. And it puts money directly in the pockets of low and moderate income households,” pointed out Schreiner.

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