Ontarians share their climate change message with Doug Ford

Over 24 hours, the Green Party of Ontario received more than 3,000 responses rejecting Bill 4, the climate cancellation bill:

Below is a sample of the 3,000 responses received.

Doing nothing will only hurt all our children and grandchildren, plus tell them that this generation was too lazy to do the right thing. I value doing the right thing far more than a few pennies at the pump.

-John, London

We know how to mitigate climate change. Respect the knowledge of Nobel laureates, of scientists, of economists and of ordinary people by taking responsibility. Business will not thrive in the uncertainty of climate change. Business will not thrive as climate crises destroy vital infrastructure. The future: jobs and healthy people, is in alternative energy. We urge you to turn to the future, not to the past — to turn toward the people of Ontario, rather than look away.

-Ann, Toronto

I am 68 years old, and will probably be dead before the worst of it hits, but my children and grandchildren will never forgive such lack of foresight. What sort of “conservative” government does not want to conserve the most precious thing we have: the very planet that we live on.” And for what? To score some political points with people who just don’t want to believe what we are up against?

-Real, Ottawa

A government that cares about me and the people of Ontario cares about taking responsibility to stop the freight train of climate change. We are seeing unrelenting flooding, more virulent and destructive tornadoes and storms through Ontario and it it getting exponentially worse. A government that represents me takes action to make a difference and take care of the things that matter. Our planet and the physical safety of our homes and families are being ignored in the name of petty political gamesmanship.

-Anita, Scarborough

As one of “the people’ that you always say that you are ‘for’ I would like to express my profound sadness that you are cancelling so many important environmental initiatives. You have an opportunity to do the ‘right thing’ by putting price on pollution and it so disappointing that you value politics over the health of ‘your people’.

-Bob, Oakville

Every leader would no doubt dream of an opportunity like the one that Ontario’s government is presented with right now: To be an architect for change that can, literally, protect the planet for future generations. Why is Doug Ford refusing that opportunity in favour of policy that ignores the warnings of scientists, of economists, of insurance companies, of Indigenous leaders and of historians who study the decline of civilizations? And what does he imagine telling his grandchildren in 12 years when the predictions of the IPCC become increasingly clear?

-Leslie, London

I don’t want to save a few hundred dollars so as to buy a better coffin to bury my children’s future in. We need leadership in dealing with climate change and carbon pollution. Cutting taxes just doesn’t cut it when it comes to leadership.

-Peter, Kingston

Pollution pricing  is the simplest, least expensive, least bureaucratic (meaning less government involvement), most business friendly method available. It is beyond extraordinary that this is being rejected by Conservatives. Sadly, mis-informed ‘optics’ are winning the day, and sadly conservative principles are being overridden.

-Simon, St. Catharines

I am a father of two and fear for my children’s future on this planet that is changing before our eyes. I am terrified that we still have leaders in denial and who actively resist any action on climate change. Many will look back in 50 and 100 years with contempt and scorn on so called leaders who showed no concern or foresight for future generations.

-Greg, Etobicoke

Premier Ford, I am 81 years old and what happens in the next few years won’t make much difference to me. But my children and my grandchildren will have to live with the consequences of shutting our eyes to what is happening. To avert the disaster that is barreling down on us all, we need to take action to cut down drastically on pollution, and we need to do it now! I just hope that it isn’t already too late.

-Margaret, Toronto