Green Party of Ontario hosts convention in Barrie, Sept 14-16

The Green Party of Ontario hosts its convention and annual general meeting in Barrie next weekend on the heels of electing its first ever Member of Provincial Parliament in last spring's election.

The convention will see members debate issues, vote on resolutions, and chart a path forward to build on the success of 2018. The convention will include a keynote speech from community leader, Kathy Willis of Operation Grow, and an address from party leader Mike Schreiner.

The party made history in the provincial election, with Schreiner receiving 45% of the vote in Guelph, as the Green wave swept through the city. In the last four months the party has set record levels of fundraising and signed up more members than ever before.

Now with a seat at Queen’s Park, the party is receiving unprecedented attention from the public and the media. Mike Schreiner is bringing Green values to Ontario politics and quickly becoming a voice of reason on how to address the biggest issues of our time, including climate change, water protection, transit and housing.

Over the next four years, the Green Party is poised to bring a new way of doing politics to Ontario and there is no better time to get involved. We invite you to join us in Barrie!

Full convention information available at: https://gpo.ca/2018-barrie-convention/.