2018 Barrie Convention 
September 14th-16th
Holiday Inn, 20 Fairview Road, Barrie


Barrie, September 14th-16th, 2018

In the last four months, we…

  1. Set records in fundraising
  2. Signed up more members than ever
  3. Elected our first Green MPP!

Now it’s time for Ontario Greens to come together and prepare for the path ahead!

Over the weekend we will…

  • Attend workshops on policy
  • Connect with like-minded, passionate Greens from across the province
  • Hear from newly elected Green MPP Mike Schreiner!

Where: Holiday Inn, 20 Fairview Rd. Barrie, Ontario, L4N 4P3
When: Friday September 14th to Sunday September 16th

Ticket information TBA

More information about the agenda will be released shortly.

Please contact samanthabird@gpo.ca with any questions.


The deadline to submit policies to be debated at the 2018 Barrie Convention is Saturday, July 28th. The draft deadline is Saturday, July 7th. Please read our policy process Q&A before you submit. If you have any questions about the policy process, please email samanthabird@gpo.ca.

You can submit your policies here.

Proxy forms

Each delegate from a riding with a registered Constituency Association (CA) can bring up to 9 proxy votes from members in their CA. This will help us achieve quorum and will count when voting on policy, constitutional, & directive resolutions.

To have proxy votes assigned to you from other members in your riding, you will need to complete this form and return it to proxy18@gpo.ca or bring it with you to the convention.

The President of your CA will need to validate your form, and each member must authorize their proxy assignment. Original or electronic signatures will be accepted for the President validation and member authorization. For email authorizations, you must bring a printed copy of the email to the convention.

Remember to hand in your proxy form and any printed emails when you sign in at the registration desk at the convention, and we’ll get your proxy card to you early Saturday AM.

Policy process: questions and answers

How do I submit a policy?
Where do I find current GPO policy?
What are the required components of a policy submission?
Do I need to gather sponsors and develop policy myself?
What are the deadlines?
What if I miss a deadline?
Is the policy approved as long as I submit it?
How can I help ensure my policy is passed?

1.    How do I submit a policy?

The GPO has an established process where any current member can submit resolutions. You must submit your resolution using our webform or by emailing policy@gpo.ca. We strongly suggest you use our webform to ensure your policies are being submitted correctly. You may contact policy@gpo.ca if you have any further questions.

2.    Where do I find current GPO policy?

The current policy book is available on the GPO website.

3.    What are the required components of a policy submission?

All required fields need to be populated using the webform on the GPO website. Members are strongly encouraged to connect with the policy coordinator prior to submission. If you require assistance, you can email policy@gpo.ca.

4.    Do I need to gather sponsors and develop policy myself?

You can seek help and feedback by contacting our policy coordinator. This person is responsible for leading the review of policy resolutions prior to submission. This includes direct access to Shadow Cabinet and members who have expressed interest in reviewing policy. Members are encouraged to take advantage of these resources and increases the likelihood that your policy will receive enough sponsors and pass at the convention.

5.    What are the deadlines?

The submission period is now open. The draft deadline for policy submissions is Monday, July 2nd at 5 pm. This deadline allows time for the Policy coordinator to help you with your submissions and to gather support by the final deadline. Final resolutions must be received by Saturday, July 28th at 5 pm. It is advised that you start the development process early to ensure that you have enough time to make revisions and gather sponsors.

6.    What if I miss a deadline?

Deadlines are mandated by our bylaws and constitution. They exist to ensure the party has enough time to process resolutions and the membership has sufficient notice prior to the convention. However, emergency resolutions can be submitted at the 2018 convention if the following requirements are met:

  1. It is considered an emergency by the Chair or Party President;
  2. It receives sponsors from 10 delegates at convention;
  3. It receives the support of 75% of the convention plenary.

7.    Is the policy approved as long as I submit it?

Submission of your resolution on time, with sufficient sponsors, and with Party approval, will ensure that the resolution is on the agenda at the Convention. Although it likely that your resolution will be considered, this is not guaranteed due to time restraints, there is not a guarantee.

8.    How can I help ensure my policy is passed?

A policy resolution that is highly relevant, well researched, and salient with our values, will likely receive enough sponsors and rank highly on the resolution ranked ballot. Socializing your policy among members in advance and attending the convention will also be helpful. The submitter, or a sponsor, should be prepared to answer questions about the resolution at the convention. A compelling introduction to the floor, and due diligence in advance of the convention, increase your chances of success considerably.

PE Elections
Every year the party holds internal elections for our governing board, called the Provincial Executive
(PE). The PE is responsible for the governance of the Green Party of Ontario and sets the strategic goals,
annual plan and budget for the party.

This year, nominations are open for the following positions:

i. Gender paired Deputy Leaders
ii. Secretary
iii. Gender paired Young Green representatives
iv. Gender paired Regional Representatives from the following regions
1. Northern
2. Golden Horseshoe
3. Central

The deadline for applications is Saturday, July 28th.

How do I run for the PE?

Candidates for the PE will need to meet the following criteria as per Section 9.4 and Bylaw G.2 of the
GPO Constitution & Bylaws:

1. Must be a member in good standing for three (3) months prior to being nominated, and
2a. Candidates for President, Secretary and CFO positions must be nominated by at least 10 members in
good standing from 3 of the 6 geographical regions recognized by the Party
2b Candidates for Regional Representative positions:
must be nominated by at least 3 members in good standing living within the corresponding region;
may only stand for election in the region in which they maintain their principal residence

If you are interested in running for the PE, email pe_elections2018@gpo.ca indicating the position that you are running for and the names of your sponsors.

This year, tickets are selling out faster than ever, so get your ticket today!

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