Action Campaigns

Action Campaigns

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Ontairo's water taking rules are broken. The province does not give access to municipalities priority access to our water.'s electricity rates keep on rising. 45% of the rise in Ontario’s electricity generation costs is due to subsidies for our aging nuclear reactors, according to an Ontario Energy Board report. As a taxpayer, you are on the hook for the costs of a nuclear disaster.

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Only about half of eligible voters choose to vote in municipal elections. In some cases, it’s only about one out of every three. And our first-past-the-post system elects people who receive less than 50% of the votes - people elected by a false majority. Now is your chance to have a say on how you vote in Ontario. 

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The Premier is planning to sell off a valuable public asset in Hydro One. Privatizing Hydro One trades our future wealth and control over our electricity system for a short-term shot of cash. Expert panels have offered balanced and fair recommendations for new revenue tools to fund transit. Sadly, the Premier and the two opposition party leaders have rejected all of them. 

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Without strong legislation, developers are able to pave over prime farmland, threaten source water regions and promote unnecessary sprawl. Many developers and some municipalities will be working to weaken the legislation because of the financial advantages they gain from sprawl.

You have until May 28 to urge the Ontario government to protect the places we love. 

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Fracking in Ontario presents a real threat to our water, health & climate. A 2014 poll showed that 75% of Ontarians support a moratorium on fracking and the Chiefs of Ontario have passed a resolution requesting a moratorium on fracking. From what we’ve heard, Premier Wynne and the Liberals are planning to vote against Bill 82.

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GPO Leader Mike Schreiner sent the following letter to Premier Wynne this Earth Day.

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Now’s your chance to speak out and protect your local food supply by calling on Ontario to reduce the use of bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides. The Government of Ontario is currently accepting comments on their proposal.

You have until this Sunday, January 25 to tell the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture how you feel by submitting your comments to the Environmental Registry here. 

The contract with Bruce Power for the re-building of its Bruce B Nuclear Station will be the largest private sector contract ever entered into by the Government of Ontario. No nuclear project in Ontario’s history has delivered on budget or on time. The 2012 restart of the Bruce A Units 1 and 2 reactors came in $2 billion over budget and over 2 years behind schedule.

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