An open letter to Doug Ford

The housing crisis is making life unaffordable for young Ontarians.

Rather than pursue bold solutions, Premier Ford’s agenda puts land speculators ahead of people. We can’t sprawl our way out of the housing crisis. It’s time to say yes-in-my-backyard. Yes to great homes where young people want to live. Yes to connected communities near where we live, work and play. And Yes to neighbourhoods designed with people in mind.

Young Greens of Ontario

“Let’s preserve green spaces by building upwards instead of outwards.”

Jaden Braves, from Toronto

“I bike everywhere, and I want livable, walkable communities that support active transit.”

Conor Russell, from Guelph

Sign our open letter below to say YES to homes we can afford and, and NO to more sprawl. Why sign? 

Mike, Elizabeth and the Young Greens of Ontario

To Premier Ford,

The housing crisis is hurting people across Ontario. Young people are particularly concerned that they will never be able to afford the home that’s right for them.

● WHEREAS urgent action is necessary to address the housing crisis in Ontario, a crisis that is affecting young people. 

● AND WHEREAS the Ford government’s pro-sprawl, speculator-friendly bills sacrifice democracy, are underwhelming on supply and dangerous to our environment. 

● AND WHEREAS planning experts, including the government’s own Housing Affordability Task Force, agree that there is plenty of room to build the homes we need within existing urban boundaries. 

We, the undersigned young residents of Ontario, are calling on the provincial government to address the housing crisis by ending exclusionary zoning and legalizing missing middle housing across Ontario. We call on the government to: 

Allow fourplexes and walk-up apartments in residential neighbourhoods as of right, and allow mid-rise housing along transit corridors and main streets. Furthermore, reinstate rent controls on newly constructed housing. 


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