Taylor Howarth


Taylor Howarth is currently enrolled in a Master of Social Work at Carleton University in Ottawa where she has been a resident for the past ten years. She has also completed a Bachelor of Ethics from Saint Paul University. Alongside her studies, Taylor is also working on campus as Vice President Finance for the Graduate Students’ Association, a non-profit student union that also operates an on-campus, student-run pub. Taylor has been involved in student politics for over fifteen years and has held various positions.

In her work life within the past few years, Taylor has had the fortune of being a Teaching Assistant and Recruitment Officer at Saint Paul University, an English Instructor at CEGEP de Sherbrooke, and a Campaign Coordinator for Ecology Ottawa. She has also been a Green Party of Ontario candidate in both the 2011 general election and the 2013 Ottawa-South by-election, and is the Chair of Outreach and Engagement for the 2018 election campaign.