Raphaël Morin


Raphaël Morin is a fluently bilingual geographer, environmentalist, activist and community volunteer.

As a graduate of University of Ottawa’s Environmental Studies and Geography programs, Raphaël recognizes the crucial importance of considering the long-term impacts of political decisions on our environment, our economy and society. Raphaël is an entrepreneur who works with maps and analyzes information through space to solve problems. He also volunteers with the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study, which provides data on strengths and challenges for each neighbourhood in Ottawa, to better understand how they affect our health and well-being.

Raphaël is a proud member of the Green Party of Ontario. He believes the Party’s vision for a sustainable economy, environmental preservation and social justice best serve the current and long-term interests of Canadians. Raphaël also shares the Green Party’s vision for increased investment in preventative health care, small businesses, and in a national housing strategy. Raphaël is committed to contributing to a healthy, diverse and resilient Ottawa-Vanier riding by representing the wishes of constituents.

The Green Party of Ontario is excited to have Raphaël Morin as our candidate in the riding of Ottawa-Vanier.