Priyan De Silva


Priyan Lakshantha De Silva grew up in Toronto and is an active member of the Scarborough Rouge River community.

Born in Sri Lanka, Priyan moved to Toronto as a child. This experience immigrating to Toronto gave him a deep appreciation for the value of community – in neighbours supporting each other to create a better life for everyone.

Priyan worked as an Office Administrator with the Toronto School Board until recently, when he dedicated himself to working on environmental and social justice issues in Toronto. 

He is a strong advocate for protecting our environment. He’s worked at the local level promoting Ontario’s Greenbelt, supporting the People’s Climate March, and organizing around COP21, last year’s global climate conference in Paris.

Priyan also recognizes the links between climate change, our environment and food security. In order to sustain our neighbourhoods now and in the future, we must have access to good, healthy food grown as close to home as possible. He’s worked on community gardens and to establish an urban farm in Eastern Scarborough.

He cares deeply about supporting those most in need, including outreach and advocacy around the Toronto Poverty Reduction Strategy. His goal is to promote change by working with distressed communities, neighbourhoods, multilingual groups, and individuals.

Priyan lives in the Malvern community with his wife, Victoria.