Pauline Thompson


Pauline Thompson was the candidate for Scarborough Agincourt in the 2011 federal and provincial elections. She has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science. Professionally, Pauline comes from a marketing background having worked for IBM, Alias Research Inc., Topix Computer Graphics and Stash Media Inc. Her work experience taught Pauline how to use money wisely with limited budgets and tight deadlines. Pauline is also an artist and writer. She enjoys combining her skills to find and create solutions to problems and inefficiencies. 
Pauline has been the Government Services Critic for the Green Party’s Shadow Cabinet for the past year and a half. She has enjoyed contributing to the party’s priorities and direction, and working with her fellow cabinet members.  She has also been the Green Party Communications Chair for her riding’s CA and EDA. Pauline wants Queen’s Park populated with Green MPP’s and will work hard with the executive to ensure the party’s positioning and platform meet that end.
Community service is also important to Pauline. She has served on many executive councils in the public school system, as an active executive member and PTA Chair. Pauline has also done much fundraising for WWF Canada, Greenpeace Canada, Environmental Defense and Autism Canada.
As a mother of three boys, Pauline’s greatest concern is the future that awaits her boys and all children, if Ontario continues business as usual. Old party thinking has created the mess we’re in. Climate change and human impact on our biosphere are depleting our economic and natural wealth. Our children will inherit a huge capital and environmental deficit if things don’t change politically. It is more important than ever to strengthen the Green Party’s alternative policies to current practices and to ensure the public hears about them.
At the end of the day, smart government policies will ensure a sustainable future for our children. For Pauline, that’s what matters most.