Norbert D’Costa


Norbert was born and raised in India, for the most part in a city called Mysore where he had most of his formal and informal education.  His formal education includes an undergraduate degree in Physics and Mathematics. Science in general, and physics in particular form the core of Norbert’s thinking.  Norbert’s informal education includes time spent in slums.

Norbert has fond memories of brilliant star studded skies above, and below people of those slums whose images we know from news and documentaries, but whose wonderful hearts and minds are only known when you are with them.

He left India shortly after his education with a hope to make enough money and return to Mysore and work towards a more just and equitable society.

Norbert shares all the values of the worldwide Green movement, The Green Party of Canada, and The Green Party of Ontario.  Norbert is a member of the GPC’s International Liaison Committee.  He wishes to work with all Greens in keeping with our Green Values to advance our Green goals.  Towards this end Norbert is standing for election as the Horseshoe Representative.