Mike Schreiner


A leading advocate for independent businesses, local food and sustainable communities, Mike Schreiner is well-known for his leadership in co-founding the award-winning Local Food Plus organization. He brings a proven track record in business and non-profit leadership roles to the Ontario political scene.

Schreiner was elected leader of the Green Party of Ontario (GPO) on November 14, 2009. Schreiner, a 44-year-old father of two, started his career in the Guelph region as an entrepreneur and advocate in the local food movement. As co-founder of WOW Foods, an award-winning local organic food distribution company, Schreiner worked for over 10 years to connect local farmers with consumers in the GTA and Guelph. His business was awarded the Citizens Bank of Canada Ethics in Action Award for socially responsible business and the Toronto Food Policy Council’s Local Food Hero Award. He is also co-founder of Earthdance Organics, a Guelph-based food production business that supplied area health food stores and farmers’ markets in the early 2000s.

Building on that success, he helped establish Local Food Plus (LFP), a non-profit that brings farmers and consumers together to promote financially, socially and environmentally sustainable local food systems. While Mike was at LFP, the organization won the Canadian Environment Awards for Sustainable Living, a Live Green Toronto Awards of Excellence–Health Category, a Live Green Toronto Awards of Excellence–Market Transformation Category and NOW Magazine’s Best of Toronto Award for best new environmental initiative. Family and community are important to Mike. His wife Sandy and their two daughters are active, spending their free time gardening, hiking, fishing, cycling and volunteering in community activities.

Mike has served as a volunteer on many boards and committees including the Guelph-based FarmStart, the Brewer’s Plate Steering Committee, the Toronto Food Policy Council and the Green Enterprise Ontario Steering Committee, as a governor for the Canadian International Peace Project, and as the treasurer for Toronto’s Campus Community Co-op Day Care Centre.