Mary Ann Hodge


Mary Ann was raised on a farm in rural London, received her Bachelor of Science at the University of Western Ontario , and pursued a successful career in Facilities Management, culminating in the construction of the first commercial LEED certified office building. She currently resides in London North Centre where she is a Teacher and an active community member.

Mary Ann envisions an inclusive and progressive Canada. She leads by example and has installed both solar PV panels and solar hot water systems at her home. Mary Ann volunteers her time to many organizations such as ReForest London, the Thames Talbot Land Trust, and First St. Andrews United Church.

Mary Ann believes the time for change is now. We must build a sustainable society by ensuring all of our decisions reflect the triple bottom line: the economy, the environment and people. Never before has it been clearer that action is needed. We need long term strategies that will build the foundation for a strong future. Instead of mortgaging the future of our children and grandchildren, lets create a legacy to be proud of: clean air and water, a healthy economy, responsible energy production and a focus on health promotion.

Mary Ann has served as the Southwest Female Regional Representative for the GPO since 2009.