Kevin O’Donnell

Ottawa Centre


Kevin O’Donnell is the GPO’s nominated candidate in Ottawa Centre and has been an active volunteer since jumping into party activities in 2008. After becoming CEO for both the Federal and Provincial associations in Ottawa Centre Kevin has been providing leadership at the riding and regional levels for quite some time.

As Deputy Leader it is Kevin’s intention to employ his teamwork skills to support the Leader, raise awareness of the Green Party in the public eye and most importantly, to build the Party’s local base of support throughout Ontario.

Kevin is engaged in several actions within his local community. He is supporting local community groups who are fighting to protect green space and heritage sites from inappropriate development and has represented his local community association in public transit consultations since the summer of 2010.

As an engaged community member Kevin is a firm supporter of the GPO’s local democracy values. Kevin believes that for the Green Party to succeed it needs a strong team that can work effectively together and can share the challenging burden of balancing regular life with Green politics. He looks forward to bringing his own ideas forward and also helping others bring theirs to fruition.