Kathy Acheson


 I am an experienced Green Party volunteer, and an expert in strategic communications. I have the commitment, skills, and knowledge to make an excellent representative to the Provincial Executive for the people of the Horseshoe region. 
I have served the GPO as Secretary (2012-2104), Horseshoe rep Female (2011-2012), Election Readiness Director (2013-present), and Provincial Campaign Manager (2014). I have worked with GPO members in my home riding, Kitchener-Waterloo, and served on the CA executive. From 2006 to 2011 I volunteered with the GPC and held various positions there, including EDA President, local campaign manager, and Chair of the national Campaign Committee. 
The GPO is stronger than ever, and so is our resolve to win seats. Grassroots organizing, great leadership, and solid communications earned us a 70% increase in vote total, three ridings above 15%, and a successful campaign in the Leader’s riding in 2014. I’m committed to continuing to develop our strength in all those areas.