Jason Hammond


Jason Hammond has served on the GPO Provincial Executive for many years, and continues to be impressed by the ongoing evolution of the party.  A dedicated volunteer, he has served in various roles from door knocking to election day coordination to candidacy, on more than a dozen municipal, provincial, and federal campaigns. 
As President of Community CarShare, Jason leads Ontario’s first carsharing operator through strong annual growth, ambitious geographic expansion, and innovative member service practices.  He is also involved in various sector associations that advance the co-operative business model and the global carsharing industry.  With a background in advocacy for sound transit planning, Jason is a multi-term member of the Customer Service Advisory Committee at GO Transit.
Jason’s focus is on the role of sustainable urban transportation in addressing the global climate crisis, public health, and poverty alleviation. He also maintains a policy interest in the power of electoral reform to make every vote count, to develop an engaged citizenry, and to promote interpartisan collaboration.  In this term, Jason will focus on improving connections among members generally and particularly to the Provincial Executive.