James Mihaychuk


James Mihaychuk has volunteered on 8 election campaigns, and was the GPO candidate in Ottawa South in 2011, losing (badly) to Premier Dalton McGuinty. Since then he has focussed on support for his local riding associations and small Green campaigns. Starting in 2012, he has attended all but one of the GPO Conventions.

In July 2015, James was one of over 500 Climate Reality Leaders trained by Al Gore in Toronto. During the federal election, his EDA financially supported breakthrough efforts. He also volunteered on the “Gord 4 Guelph” campaign’s final GOTV weekend.

In 2016, James was an organizer for two key GPO events, the Convention in Calabogie and the Holiday Fundraiser in Ottawa.

This year he helped develop procedures to strengthen member-contributed motions at the GPO Policy Hackathon. In March, he worked extensively on the federal Green campaign in the Ottawa-Vanier by election.

Originally from Manitoba, James moved to Toronto in 1991, where he received his Ph.D. in Physics from U. of T. in 1998. Since then he has worked in high-tech, moving from Waterloo to Ottawa in 2000. He and his wife have two teenage sons.