David Weber


David Weber was born the youngest of 7 siblings and raised in Kitchener,formerly known as Berlin.  His 6th great grandfather settled in the region with two other Mennonite pioneer families.  The traditions of this background lead to David being taught by his family to live with integrity, compassion and educated convictions.  He volunteers to feed the hungry in his hometown as well as supporting agencies helping those in need in foreign lands.

David has recently formed a joint CA/EDA in the riding of Kitchener-Conestoga.  He is enthused to see the Green Party grow.  He believes that public support of the party yielding increased memberships and
 voters is a result of citizen awareness of the great principles and policies that we possess.

He has served as a Police Officer for 25 years.  He knows what works and does not in our law enforcement and judicial systems.  Having experience in gathering facts first and making a fair decision afterward, and doing so while building bridges with those of opposing views, David can be a team asset in the Provincial Executive.

David is putting his name forward for the male South-Western representative or the PE of the Green Party of Ontario.