Dave Bagler


Dave lives in central Ottawa with his fiancé Katie. In January of 2012, Dave started his own business and continues to enjoy the risks and rewards of business ownership. Dave is committed to community involvement. He served on the board of Action Sandy Hill, and started the Sandy Hill Holiday Food Drive. For his work on the latter Dave and Katie were named Sandy Hill Volunteers of the Year. When not running for office Dave enjoys biking, playing ball hockey, and working on software projects. This is Dave’s second time running in Ottawa—Vanier and his motivation for running has not changed. He believes we need an MPP who will represent the people of Ottawa—Vanier rather than simply repeating talking points or playing follow the leader. He believes we need a sustainable Ontario. Not simply environmental sustainability but financial sustainability as well. As we continue to sink further into debt, paying the minimum payment on the Visa bill has become the province’s third biggest expense—behind health care and education. This threatens our ability to invest in new programs and worse yet, it threatens the quality and accessibility of existing services. Dave also believes that we need to refocus economic development on local, small and medium businesses. Developing a resilient network of local economies that can withstand or dampen global economic shocks must be top of mind.