Carol Terentiak


You can read more about me at, but here are a few points in my bio that I believe make me a good candidate to represent the central region: 
1. I have a solid understanding of the party and its principles.  I have been actively involved on all the campaign teams and the executives of both the Dufferin Caledon GPO and GPC teams since 2008.
2. As a partner in 2 small businesses, I understand that which is heart of the Ontario economy. 
3. I am committed to worthwhile education and see the benefits and shortcomings of post-secondary education as it is today. I have been in the community college system for almost 20 years.
4. I know how to use Marketing and PR to promote the Green Party Values. I know marketing, and I have great learnings that I can bring to the GPO
5. I have been committed to my community for decades, eg. volunteering at community events, our Women’s Shelter, founder and President of a nursery school, President of the Newmarket PTA.
6. I understand family dreams and struggles.  I was a single mother of 3 children and helped them grow­­ into responsible, contributing adults.  I have dealt with the very same struggles in family life as the people of Ontario face every day. 
7. I live in Mono, Dufferin. I share the space and services with farmers and town dwellers.  I share the roads with commercial and residential traffic.  I share the same air, water and food.  I know my neighbours!
8. I am a caring person. All GPO members that I have met “CARE”. We care about the economy, education, integrity, our environment, our families and our neighbours.