Bill Hewitt


I’d like to thank you all for your dedication and passion for the Green Party of Ontario and ask for your continued support for me as President. Over the last two years we, as a Party, have accomplished so much. We have established a permanent office in Toronto, elected our first full-time Leader and hired our first Executive Director. I am seeking a second term to focus our Party on the goal of achieving electoral success this October and preparing us for a future with Green MPPs at Queen’s Park.

Through the next six months, the Provincial Executive will focus on the election campaign to ensure that the Ontario Greens are ready when we elect MPPs this fall. We need to raise money, increase media presence and nominate our strongest slate of candidates ever. The central party must also assist all of our CAs in this shared goal. We are already well on the way now by having design templates, campaign scripts, and our Platform getting ready for release this spring.

After this fall’s election, I will work with the Provincial Executive to develop a comprehensive plan for the organizational, membership, and budget goals of the Green Party of Ontario as we look towards 2015. This plan will be presented to the membership at our next AGM in the Horseshoe region.

With your support for my presidency, I will continue the mandate of structure, purpose, and action that has strengthened our party during my time on the Provincial Executive. I’m proud of all we’ve achieved in the past two years and encouraged by the strength of our membership for Ontario’s Green future.


I have been on the Green Party of Ontario Provincial Executive (PE) since 2007. First as the male regional rep for the Central Region from and then as President since 2009.

On the PE I have worked to improve governance by tabling the original motion to establish the executive restructuring committee, and served as its liaison. Since being elected President, I have worked collaboratively to improve the Party by making significant Constitutional and Bylaw changes.

I have been chair of the 2009 Leadership Convention, 2010 AGM and co-chair for the 2008 APC. I have also organized many events for the GPO including summer summits, CA workshops, and provincial executive and functionary retreats.

Locally, in Simcoe-Grey, I have held many executive positions including; President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Financial Officer. My contributions include media and communications support, organizing fundraising events and co-authoring the Simcoe-Grey campaign plan for the 2007 provincial election. Through the execution of this plan, our candidate received 11.7%, 5th among Green candidates.

Professionally, I am a teacher in Collingwood and live with my wife and son in the rural hamlet of Avening at the base of the Niagara Escarpment. Please feel free to contact me by email at or phone at 705.441.3599.