Policy Statements, Directive and Constitutional Motions

The Policy Comment Period has now ended. Thank you to everyone who helped by providing feedback!

Starting on August 25th, 2023, GPO members in good standing will have a chance to rank their top 10 draft Policy Statements Proposals to determine which will be considered at the Convention.

Policies to be ranked are included on the PE Election ballot which will be emailed to all current members with an active email on file. Members without an active email on file will be mailed a paper ballot by postal mail.

As there is limited time for the consideration of resolutions at Convention, resolutions will be considered in order of ranking.

To make sure that there is robust participation and broad representation of Policy Proposals at the AGM, please encourage members that you know to participate in the ranking!

Ranking ends September 18th, 2023

Below, you’ll find links to draft Policy Statements and the Directive and Constitutional Motions

Please note that you must be a GPO member in good standing to participate in the policy process. Interested in learning more about the GPO Policy Statement Development Process? Please visit: https://gpo.ca/convention-2023/policy-process/

Note: These are draft policy statements submitted by a GPO member as part of the 2023 Policy Statement development process. They are not an official GPO position unless passed by membership at the September 22-24 Convention.