Comment period for Policy Statement Process

As a GPO member, this is your chance to have your say on Policy Statements that may be considered at the 2020 Convention!

Below, you’ll find links to draft Policy Statements.

During the comment period, you can:

  • ask questions
  • provide feedback (good, bad, neutral) on the draft Policy Statements
  • suggest possible amendments
  • sponsor draft Policy Statements that you would like to see move on to the ranking phase

Each link below will open a google doc in a new tab on your browser. Once you are in the google doc, you can comment (menu: Insert >> Comment)

Please note that you must be a GPO member to participate in this process. You can join or renew at gpo.ca/join.

Interested in learning more about the GPO Policy Statement Development Process? Please visit our introduction page at https://gpo.ca/policy-statement-pilot-2020-process/

Note: These are draft policy statements submitted by a GPO member as part of the 2020 Policy Statement development process. They are not an official GPO position unless passed by membership at the November 7 Convention.

EducationEducation Curriculum Updates
Energy and Northern DevelopmentEnding Fracking
Energy and Northern DevelopmentEnergy Efficiency - Mobile
Energy and Northern DevelopmentNorthern Ontario Policies
Energy and Northern DevelopmentResiliant Infrastructure- Electric Grid Back up
Environment and Climate ChangeBluebelt
Environment and Climate ChangeExpanding Forests: Tree Canopy
Environment and Climate ChangeFast food packaging
Environment and Climate ChangeNatural Infrastructure Development
Government and DemocracyAmendment to GPO Policy 8.7.1 Municipal Election Financing
Government and DemocracyCharter for Ontario Cities
Government and DemocracyClimate adaptation
Government and DemocracyPolitical Corruption
HealthFamily Comp for Care of Physically Limited
HealthHC Patient and Resident Safety
HealthHealth Care Funding
Indigenous rights and anti-racismAnti-racism
Indigenous rights and anti-racismLegal System
Indigenous rights and anti-racismOntario Flag
Indigenous rights and anti-racismProvincial Benefits Sharing Framework for Indigenous Agreements
Indigenous rights and anti-racismVictims of Police Violence
Jobs and EconomyCommissioner for Online Work
Jobs and EconomyConservation Bonds
Planning, transit and housingHighway 413
Planning, transit and housingHousing Accessibility
Planning, transit and housingHousing First
Planning, transit and housingIndigenous Housing
Planning, transit and housingIntegrated Transit
Planning, transit and housingPublic lands for housing
Planning, transit and housingRural broadband access
Public SafetyPolicing, Crime Prevention
SeniorsEmergency preparedness
SeniorsLong Term Care
Social justiceChild Welfare Reform