Provincial Executive Elections

Every year the party holds internal elections for our governing Provincial Executive (PE). The PE is responsible for the Green Party of Ontario's governance, similar to a board of directors, and sets the strategic goals, annual plan and budget for the party.

The successful candidates will be announced during the 2021 Virtual Convention on June 12th.

The following positions are up for election at the 2021 convention:

  • President
  • CFO
  • Eastern
  • Toronto
  • Southwestern
  • Young Greens
  • Central (one non-female vacancy)

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How do I run for the PE?

Members wishing to stand for election to any position on the Provincial Executive must:

  • be nominated in writing to the Party office by 5pm EST on April 16th, 2021
  • be nominated by at least 5 members eligible to vote for the nominee and in good standing.

Candidates for Regional Representative positions (Eastern, Toronto, Southwestern, Central) may only stand for election in the region where they maintain their principal residence.

Candidates for Young Greens must be 29 or younger and are voted on by other Young Greens.

Members wishing to stand for election for province-wide positions (President, CFO) and voted on by the entire membership must be nominated by an additional 10 members, and those members must come from 3 of the 6 geographical regions recognized by the Party.

If you are interested in running for the PE, email pe_elections@gpo.ca indicating the position that you are running for, the names of your sponsors, and their emails.