The people of Guelph have the right to make their own decision


GUELPH, ON — Today’s statement from the local NDP candidate is not an honest assessment of the campaign in Guelph. The NDP is clearly struggling to understand the math, which is showing that Mike Schreiner is the frontrunner for Guelph. Voting Green is a vote to stop Doug Ford.

Schreiner had the following to say:

“These late-game scare tactics are politics as usual – stoking fear to harvest votes. I think we can do better. The people of Guelph have the right to vote for whoever they believe will serve them best.

No one owns their vote. No one deserves their vote. Every candidate has to work hard to earn voters’ trust and respect in order to earn their vote.

The NDP statement also misses the mark. Independent polls have consistently shown me in the lead. A Green vote is not a wasted vote. It is a historic vote.

A Green or NDP vote in Guelph will stop Doug Ford. A Green vote might also prevent a PC or NDP majority. Voters across Ontario will make that decision.

If elected to be your MPP, I will be a champion for Guelph, continuing the work I’ve already started as a local food, water and small business advocate.

Scare tactics by the status quo only make voters more disillusioned. I will work hard at Queen’s Park to do politics differently, to represent the people of Guelph first, and to work across party lines to build Ontario up.”

Schreiner receives endorsements from Guelph leaders


GUELPH, ON — Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner has received endorsements from a range of leaders in Guelph who are putting their backing behind him as the right candidate for the community.

“I’m honored that people from all political backgrounds are rallying behind this campaign. It’s been building every day and we can feel the momentum. The feeling of disaffection with the status quo parties is clear and I am proud the Green Party is offering a hopeful vision that appeals to everyone,” said Mike Schreiner.

See endorsements below:

Guelph needs Green leadership


GUELPH, ON — On World Environment Day, we need a green leader now more than ever. One of the few things Doug Ford and Andrea Horwath share in common is a massive blindspot on climate change. It’s one of the main reasons why we need Green MPPs at Queen’s Park.

“Of the two parties fighting for power, one denies that climate change is even a problem, and the other ignores the crisis facing us. Instead of putting forward solutions, both Horwath and Ford are trying to outduel each other to lower gas prices, which does nothing but raise greenhouse emissions. We need real climate solutions that put people first,” said Green Party leader Mike Schreiner.

“On June 8 we will wake up to a Premier for whom climate change is an afterthought. Without strong voices to hold either leader accountable, we will go backward on the biggest crisis of our generation,” he added.

Schreiner was praised in yesterday’s Toronto Sun editorial by Lorrie Goldstein as a real “asset in the legislature, where straight talk on issues like carbon pricing is desperately needed.”

Guelph is Ontario’s green capital, renowned for its community energy plan, water conservation and waste reduction efforts. This kind of vision deserves to be reinforced by an MPP with the same values, an MPP who has dedicated his career to protecting Guelph’s water and who has a real and honest plan for reducing pollution.

In the Sun piece, Goldstein said the Green plan was “head and shoulders above anything the other leaders are advocating.”

But instead of leaping into the future, both the NDP and the PCs are desperately holding onto the old economy.

“Remember it was the NDP who in 2012 wanted to cut the HST from fossil fuels. It was the NDP who in 2014 opposed Wynne’s efforts to raise revenue for public transit, which would have reduced pollution from the biggest GHG emitting sector. And their 2018 platform is mum on emissions and renewable energy targets,” said Schreiner.

If Ontario wants to move the needle on climate, we need Green MPPs applying pressure in Queen’s Park since we know there will be a leadership vacuum at the top.

“I’m asking Guelph voters to think seven generations ahead. We’re on the verge of making history. Ontario is watching and Canada will be watching. Electing a Green MPP can send a message that a new way of doing politics is possible,” said Schreiner.

Letter from Mike Schreiner to the people of Guelph


Dear Neighbour;

As you plant your garden this week, go to work and spend time with your family, I know you will be thinking about how you will vote on Thursday. It’s a big decision.

So many people are telling me how frustrated they are with status quo politics, full of negative campaigning where the other parties spend more time tearing each other down than building Ontario up. I share your frustration.

Politics should be about putting people first, ahead of party and ideology.

I hope I’ve earned your respect by keeping our campaign positive and your trust by being honest about what we need to do and how we will pay for it.

If you elect me, I will be Guelph’s champion at Queen’s Park, continuing the work I’ve already started: fighting to protect our water, improve health care, build better transit and help our local businesses thrive.

It would be an honour to be a strong voice for you in the legislature, just as elected Greens across Canada are standing up and speaking out for their communities.

There is something special happening in Guelph. Our community is on the verge of making history.

I will not wake up as Premier on Friday, but we’re writing a different story here. Sending a new party to Queen’s Park signals real change. It tells Ontario and Canada that a new way of doing politics is possible. Guelph can lead that change.

I know you’re disillusioned by politics as usual at Queen’s Park. I will work hard to change that. As your MPP, I promise to work across party lines, represent you first and hold the government to account. I have a proven track record to do this for you.

I truly believe that the only wasted vote is one you don’t believe in.

In Guelph, a Green vote will have the same effect in stopping Doug Ford as an NDP or Liberal vote will. So, you don’t have to vote out of fear. You can be proud of your vote.

I sincerely hope that I’ve earned your trust and your vote on June 7. It would be an honour to serve you.


Mike Schreiner
Leader, Green Party of Ontario and your candidate for Guelph

Mike Schreiner Itinerary – June 5


Tuesday, June 5

  • 5:45-8:30am: Interviews on Toronto radio (680 News, CBC’s Metro Morning, 640 Global News)
  • 9-10am: Media availability in Toronto
  • 12-4pm : Talking with voters in Guelph
  • 4-8pm: Door-knocking in Guelph

Schreiner: Ontario’s mental health crisis cannot be ignored


GUELPH, ON — Today, Mike Schreiner announced plans to make mental health a pillar of Ontario’s healthcare system with an historic $4.1 billion investment, more than any other party this election.

“Over the last four decades, there have been 17 government reports on how to address mental health and addictions, and yet successive NDP, Conservative and Liberal governments have failed to follow through. The time to act is now,” said the Green Party leader.

Guelph has seen a 50% increase in the number of emergency room admissions for mental health and addictions issues. A 2016 study showed that 95% of patients in mental distress who were admitted to Guelph General Hospital’s emergency room on a Saturday were still there on the Monday. Across Ontario, 12,000 children are on a mental health waiting list.

“Mental health is health and it should be treated as such. Our $4.1 billion dollar pledge is a down payment on making mental health covered under OHIP+,” said Schreiner.

Greens are also calling for the creation of Mental Health and Addictions Ontario, an umbrella organization to streamline the provision of services, and they want to see more people accessing services at the primary care level rather than waiting in hospitals in crisis.

“As Guelph’s MPP, I will be a champion for community based mental health services. People must receive the care they need in an affordable, accessible and timely way,” said Schreiner.

And the Greens don’t look at mental health in isolation. Greens also promise to introduce a basic income guarantee and additional funding for supportive housing for people in need.

“We need to ensure that no one falls through the cracks. We cannot ignore the social determinants of health and the role they play in our poverty and mental health crises,” he added.

Schreiner hosts ‘Ask Mike Anything’ town hall in Guelph


Last night, Mike Schreiner, Green Party of Ontario leader, took questions from citizens on the issues that matter most to Guelph – from jobs and transit to housing and health care. Highlights below:

Schreiner continues to lead in Guelph according to latest poll


GUELPH, ON — According to the latest Mainstreet Research polls released today, the Green Party of Ontario leader has extended his lead in Guelph to 32.3%.

If the trends continue in this very tight race, this would be the first election since 1948 in which four different parties are elected to the provincial legislature.

“The success of this campaign is due to people power. Volunteers are pouring into our offices to knock on doors, make calls, put up lawn signs and do everything possible to bring the Green Wave to Guelph on June 7,” said Schreiner.

“We know that it’s a tight race and the only poll that matters is on Election Day. But we’re ready to make history and be a strong voice at Queen’s Park,” said Schreiner.

This poll was produced by Mainstreet Research as part of its public opinion research for the 2018 Ontario Election. Released on June 3rd, the results are part of a rolling survey conducted between May 31st-June 2nd across Ontario, with a sample of 783 people in Guelph and with a margin of error of +/- 3.48%. The poll details can be found on the Mainstreet Ontario Daily Tracker.


Green MPPs will hold an NDP or PC government accountable


“I want to thank Kathleen Wynne, who has worked hard for Ontarians for the past 5 years as Premier. I thank her for her public service.

She is right; an NDP or PC government needs to be held accountable.

The best way to hold the government to account is to elect Green MPPs. We are not saddled with 15 years of a tired government bereft of new ideas or being part of the status quo at Queen’s Park.

A progressive minority government with at least one Green MPP would be best for Ontario.

We are the only party thinking about the next seven generations, instead of looking a few years down the road to the next election. Greens will put people first, ahead of political self-interest or ideology.

A Green victory in Guelph, and other communities, will ensure that there is a strong, independent voice at Queen’s Park for jobs, people and planet.

In this election, you have a clear choice on who you want to serve as your champion at Queen’s Park. And a clear choice to hold the government to account. That choice is the Green Party.

We encourage everyone in Ontario to vote, and vote for what you believe in.”