Schreiner presents plan to support local businesses


GUELPH, ON — Today, from his home riding of Guelph, Mike Schreiner outlined a plan for supporting small businesses and Ontario’s workers through fair tax reform. This plan will result in an additional $1 billion remaining in communities each year to help businesses pay a living wage.

“Liberals and Conservatives have been playing wedge politics with people’s lives by pitting workers against small business owners in a bid to harvest votes. But it does not have to be a choice between people and business. We have real solutions for fair tax reform that benefit everyone,” said Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario.

The Greens are committed to following through with the Liberals’ plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 because it is simply the right thing to do. But Greens will not leave small businesses in the lurch.

The Green Party would increase the exemption level for the Employer Health Tax from $450,000 to $1 million in payroll for businesses and organizations with payrolls under $5 million. This would be paid for by reversing the Liberal’s corporate tax cut for big businesses by 1%.

“Ours is a plan to support the small businesses with immediate cash flow relief that will help local, family independent businesses to continue thriving in this transition to better wages,” added Schreiner.

Asked how his plan compares to Doug Ford’s corporate tax cut, Schreiner said: “I’ve spoken with nearly all of the small business owners in Guelph and heard their concerns. They need cash flow support right now. They cannot wait a year or a year-and a-half like they would with a corporate tax cut.”

Schreiner’s home riding of Guelph is a small business heartland in Ontario, with creative entrepreneurs turning clever ideas into reality, from corner stores to high tech start-ups, local organic farms to advanced manufacturing, retailers to home builders.

“When we talk about about why Guelph is such a livable community, it’s because we have such a vibrant small business community. Statistics show we’re the fourth best community in all of Canada to start a business.”

“I am so proud to call this place home,” said Schreiner.

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Mike Schreiner Itinerary – May 18


Friday, May 18

  • 8:30-10am: Meetings with local stakeholders
  • 11:00am: Small Business Announcement at The Bookshelf, 41 Quebec Street, Guelph
  • 12:00pm: Attending the Eritrean Flag Raising at Guelph City Hall, Carden Street, Guelph
  • 1:00pm: Speaking at the Muslim Society of Guelph on the First Friday of Ramadan, 286 Water St, Guelph
  • 3:30-8:00pm: Attending local events and campaigning

Statement from Mike Schreiner on International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia on May 17


QUEEN’S PARK — The Green Party of Ontario Leader made the following statement:

The Green Party of Ontario stands alongside all allies in commemorating this important day for the LGBTQIA2S+ community. Since 2004, this day has been marked to draw attention to the historic and institutional discrimination, as well as tragic losses, suffered by LGBTQIA2S+ people, and the barriers that continue to prevent their full inclusion and acceptance by society.

May 17 was selected because it was on this day in 1990 the World Health Organization declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder.

“We have come a long way since then, but we know that prejudice still exists in Ontario – both openly and in more hidden ways that discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. “ said Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner.

In our laws and services across Ontario, we must ensure that everyone receives full human rights protections, regardless of gender expression, gender identity or sexual orientation. But individually and in our communities, we must make the conscious effort to celebrate diversity and applaud and support those who have the courage to honour their true selves.

“The lived experience and everyday struggles of the LGBTQIA2S+ population remain under-appreciated and it is up to all Ontarians to build a truly equitable, open and inclusive society.” added Schreiner

Ford sells Ontario a trumped bill of goods


QUEEN’S PARK — Doug Ford’s announcement of a gas tax cut is yet another back-of-the-napkin policy idea that fails to pass the sniff test.

“The Liberals played this game with the UnFair Hydro Plan to artificially lower energy bills before an election. Now Ford is jumping on the bandwagon, hoping to buy people off at the pumps while he guts public services and takes our economy backwards,” said Green Party Leader, Mike Schreiner.

By closing his eyes to the overwhelming evidence that carbon pricing works, Ford is thumbing his nose at the basic principles of economics. You put a higher price on pollution, and you incentivize the good behaviour through the use of low carbon goods and services.

“Globally, cleantech is a $6 trillion industry. If Ontario were to capture even 1% of this, it would be the largest contributor to our GDP. Yesterday, after announcing the gas tax axe, Ford toured a cleantech facility in Mississauga. Does he realize that he is a walking contradiction?” said Schreiner.

“Ford’s wish to cancel all cleantech and energy efficiency programs would be like someone in the 1920s vowing to stick with horse-and-buggy transportation over the automobile. I refuse to let Doug perpetuate the myth that the economy and the environment are at odds,” said Schreiner. “The jobs of the 21st century are the clean jobs of the new economy that are already employing close to 300,000 Canadians at an average salary of $92,000 per year,” he added.

The estimated loss of over $1 billion dollars in gas tax revenues comes on the heels of Ford’s announcements of massive corporate and income tax cuts, hydro subsidies and an end to cap-and-trade revenues that put Ontario in the red to the tune of over $8 billion dollars.

Ford refuses to explain how he’ll pay for any of these promises.” This is irresponsible. If you are going to gut public services and starve the government of revenues, at least have the decency to admit it.” said Schreiner

Instead of ignoring scientific evidence and the growing business consensus, Greens have a fully costed plan to leap into the future and embrace the new economy:

  • Redirect the $3.1 billion per year in existing business support programs to target cleantech innovation, advanced manufacturing and bio-products.
  • Create a $4.18 billion Green Building and Business Program to provide grants and interest-free loans to help homeowners, renters and businesses invest in energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Put a stop to government subsidies of businesses that pollute and worsen climate change
  • Cancel the UnFair Hydro Plan and put Ontario on a path to 100% renewable energy by purchasing low-cost water power from Quebec at one-third the price of nuclear.

Disability advocacy group ranks Greens highest on accessibility commitments


TORONTO, ON — The Green Party of Ontario has been ranked highest among all major parties in its commitments to make Ontario fully accessible by 2025.

“The Green Party gives the broadest commitments on the AODA. It is the only party that states that it supports all the specific commitments that we seek,” said the disability advocacy group AODA Alliance in its press release today.

Mike Schreiner was also the only party leader to take part in this evening’s debate on a wide range of disability issues. Schreiner outlined the party’s plan for building a fully inclusive and barrier free Ontario, underpinned by an historic Basic Income Guarantee for all that will truly tackle poverty.

“Let’s cut the red tape for persons with disabilities. A Basic Income Guarantee means an end to the unnecessary paperwork that disrespects people’s dignity,” said Schreiner.

The party’s plan would raise the assistance levels for those in the Ontario Disability Support Program to the low-income cut-off measure within four years.

At the debate, Schreiner also called out the Liberals for housing rules that do little to tackle the crisis that particularly affects marginalized populations.

“Why did the Liberals bring in inclusionary zoning rules if they were going to be so weak? We need to follow international best practice and enforce a minimum of 20% affordable housing units,” said Schreiner.

Despite creating the landmark AODA legislation in 2005, the Liberals are not on track to meet their own goals. Shockingly, they also continue to invest in public infrastructure that excludes people with disabilities.

“Transit stations are being built that still not accessible. How can this happen in 2018, knowing everything that we do and with the AODA rules in place? It is completely unacceptable,” said Schreiner.

Greens are the only party with a real plan for tackling poverty, increasing affordable housing, and bringing additional resources to Ontarians with disabilities, while being honest with people about how we are going to pay for it. See the fully costed platform at

Mike Schreiner Itinerary – May 17


May 17

  • 8:30am: Candidate Meet & Greet hosted by Guelph City Councillors, Breezy Corners Restaurant, Guelph
  • 2:30pm: Speaking to Grade 5 Civics class at local elementary school, Guelph
  • 9:00pm: Meet & Greet with University of Guelph volunteers, Guelph campaign office, 163 Suffolk Street

Greens would impose hard cap on CEO salaries


QUEEN’S PARK — The revelation that Hydro One board members voted to raise their salaries amidst a downturn in share price illustrates the extent of Liberal mismanagement on hydro.

“This is a by-product of Kathleen Wynne’s privatization boondoggle. By selling off Hydro One, the Liberals have not only given away an important public asset, they have allowed the worst impulses of the private sector to contaminate what should be a public good,” said Green Party of Ontario Leader, Mike Schreiner.

“Greens would cap executive salaries for those in the Ontario Public Service at double the Premier’s salary,” added Schreiner. “People putting their expertise in service of Ontarians should be compensated fairly, but we absolutely need a firm cap to prevent outrageous raises like this.”

Wynne’s argument that privatization was needed in order to fund transit is another band-aid solution from a government that has made a habit out of using shoddy accounting and cheap ploys to woo voters.

“The sale of Hydro One was the height of short-term thinking from the Liberals – slow the bleeding today by creating deeper wounds tomorrow,” said Schreiner. “Their unFair Hydro Plan will do the same in the near future.”

Meanwhile, Doug Ford can sloganeer, hold rallies and pretend to be a champion for the people, but the little we know about his vision for Ontario makes clear his true colours.

“A totally unnecessary tax cut for the wealthiest corporations and a shady backroom deal to open up the Greenbelt for profit-hungry developers – these are not the actions of a politician acting for the people,” said Mike Schreiner.

Greens won’t mortgage the future to fund essential social services or transit projects. We are the only party putting forward honest revenue generating solutions such as road pricing and a fair public return on our natural resources.

“Amidst all of the mud-slinging and name-calling from the status quo parties, the Greens are showing Ontarians how we can do politics differently with a hard cap on CEO salaries and real solutions to raise money for better services for people,” said Schreiner.

Mike Schreiner Itinerary: May 16


Wednesday, May 16

  • 7:10am: Appearance on CBC Ottawa Morning with Robyn Bresnahan
  • 9:00am-3:00pm: Campaign activities in Guelph
  • 6:00-8:00pm: Provincial Debate on Accessibility and Disability Issues, Ryerson Student Centre, Toronto
  • 9:00pm: Appearance on Global 640 News in Toronto with Alex Pierson

Mike Schreiner Itinerary: May 15


Tuesday, May 15

  • 7:45am: Appearance on Global News Radio 640
  • 12:00-1:00pm: Meeting with Toronto Star Editorial Board (Livestreamed on Facebook)
  • 4:30-8:30pm: Campaigning in Guelph with David Coon, Leader and MLA with the Green Party of New Brunswick

Schreiner announces game-changing plan for building world-class transit


MISSISSAUGA, ON — At the Streetsville GO Station in Mississauga this afternoon, Green Party Leader, Mike Schreiner outlined what no other party leader has had the courage to: an honest and sensible plan for funding world-class transit in Ontario.

“Greens do politics differently, and this is what we mean – being honest about paying for the infrastructure we need. Other parties promise the moon to Ontarians without telling them how they are going to pay for it. Greens know that magic money and fairy dust will not fund two-way all-day GO service. We will build the clean, affordable transit system that all Ontarians want and we won’t do it by maxing out our credit card,” said Schreiner, alongside Mississauga-Streetsville candidate, Abhijeet Manay.

The Green Party will invest $35 billion over 4 years in transit infrastructure, an increase of $1 to $1.5 billion per year over projections in the 2018 budget, and will fund 50% of the operating costs of municipal transit systems. A commitment to funding the Hurontario LRT is an essential part of the GPO plan.

To pay for this record investment in transit, Schreiner will follow the lead of other forward-looking metropolitan cities that have instituted road pricing – through tolls, congestion charges, parking levies and land value taxes in Toronto.

“I’m going to do what the economists, the business leaders and the experts all say we need to do. I have the courage of my convictions on this. While the other parties talk a good game about transit, I’m the only one backing it up with a real plan for getting Ontario moving,” added Schreiner.

The party’s commitment to sustainably funded and publicly owned mass transit earned it top grades on the TTCRiders’ report card a few weeks ago, ahead of the status-quo parties.

“It’s time we get serious about investing in liveable communities. The twenty-first century will not be dominated by car culture and the Green Party is ready to rapidly build an electrified transit system that will meet our climate targets and efficiently move people and goods across this province,” said Schreiner.

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