Lucia Iannantuono, GPO Candidate for Hamilton Centre by-election

Lucia Iannantuono

for Hamilton Centre

Thank you for your support!

Hamilton needs people who can go beyond the usual talking points, meet everyday citizens where they are at, and connect the dots between crises that are all tied to climate breakdown: it’s a health issue, it’s an equity issue, it’s an economic catastrophe, it’s a human rights issue, it’s an education issue, it’s a housing issue – it’s the issue that will shape our world.

How to vote?

You can either vote on election day, or use alternative options such as advance voting and vote by mail.

  • Advance voting
    March 8 to March 10
  • Election Day
    March 16

Looking for the riding association?

Please reach out to Blair Robertson, CA President

What’s the Green vision for Hamilton?

The Green Plan: A Caring Society


  • End homelessness
    restoring 50% provincial funding for shelters and City Housing
  • Funding Indigenous owned and operated housing and establish conservation areas under Indigenous climate leadership.
The Green Plan: Connected Communities


  • Build missing-middle and affordable housing on vacant land inside Hamilton’s urban boundary.
  • 15-minute neighbourhoods
    prioritizing public transit, cycling, and walkability
The Green Plan: New Climate Economy

Climate Ready

  • Invest in retrofits and upgrades needed for climate adaptation.
  • Stop all new fossil fuel infrastructure and protect public health by enforcing strict limits on air and water pollution.

Get your lawn sign!

Help Lucia and her team paint Hamilton Green by ordering a lawn sign for your home.

Lawn sign for Lucia Iannantuono, Green Party Candidate for Hamilton Centre
Lawn sign for Lucia Iannantuono, Green Party Candidate for Hamilton Centre

Hi, my name is Lucia.

After being active in Hamilton’s environmental movement, I believe we need another Green voice at Queen’s Park now more than ever.

Our city is facing many challenges: housing affordability, urban sprawl, loss of farmland, air and water pollution – issues that impact everyone in our community. We need to take action now.

Developing sustainably makes cities more affordable and connected.

Investing in climate action makes our communities stronger today and more resilient for tomorrow. And we can make these big changes without leaving anyone behind.

This is the future I want us to live in.


Door Knocking: Durand

March 8

04:00 PM — 05:30 PM

Door Knocking: Landsdale

March 10

04:00 PM — 05:30 PM

Door Knocking: Crown Point

March 10

02:00 PM — 04:00 PM

Call Party

March 13

06:00 PM — 08:00 PM