Shawn Rizvi

Etobicoke Centre


Shawn Rizvi is a Senior Consultant in Cyber security and Risk Management, former board member of the South Etobicoke Legal aid clinic and is a mentor to several different youth groups. With big ideas and keen to help his community, Shawn opened up several charitable initiatives focused on students.

Shawn’s passion for volunteerism and community involvement has led him to support over twenty charities, and travel to multiple countries on humanitarian missions representing Canada, including an orphanage in Tanzania.

To date, Shawn has worked across multiple industries and across multiple organizations including  IBM, EDC, Deloitte and EY, where in total he has eliminated over 3 million dollars in waste as a result of his lean six sigma knowledge. He is set on bringing that same discipline into Government if elected as MPP. His experience as a Senior consultant, makes him an effective decision maker with the right business acumen to help our community thrive.

An advocate of better socioeconomic conditions for the middle class and minorities, he is focused on increased sustainability for all Canadians from an environmental, social and economic perspective.

Outside of his professional and academic endeavours, previously Shawn was engaged with at-risk neighbourhoods in his community, working with local after-school programs, community centres, and summer camp programs to provide mentorship and motivation to students.

Currently in his line of work, Shawn travels across Canada as a trusted advisor to senior executives helping them better understand how to protect the sensitive data and privacy of Canadians. Locally, Shawn empowers young professionals by mentoring them on entrepreneurism, leadership, and career development and further assists them in many challenges they face in achieving their goals.

Today, Shawn continues to champion the cause for inclusivity and innovation as he seeks to improve the standard of living for Etobicoke center.

He is dedicated to improving the educational system and garnering more opportunities for our youth to become global leaders in fields of STEM and IT start ups. This will ensure, not only a more prosperous Etobicoke Center today, but for generations to come.