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Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas

About Peter

Despite being Consciously Green as well as Politically Green – Peter Ormond is no stranger to Industry and the Economy.  Peter holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Western University along with a Masters in Civil Engineering from the University of Alberta and a Masters of Business Administration from Queens University in Toronto.

Simply, Peter walks the talk.  His house is energy sustainable.  Solar panels and heat exchanger on the roof.  Rain barrels in the garden.  As a long time member of the Green Party and veteran Candidate for the HWAD riding.  Peter is dedicated to local Politics as well as conserving our Environment and has directed his life to that end.

Peter has been working in the Energy sector for over 10 years and has also maintained a teaching role at Mohawk College, teaching Renewable Energies and a Bridging program for new Canadians.

When not working hard or getting involved in local Politics, Peter spends his time cultivating his permaculture edible garden.  As part of Peters campaign, you will find him out and about this Spring with his annual Strawberry Plant give away to be held Saturday May 12th, and at other local events during this campaign.

Peter understands that our current energy systems are broken.  Moving gas plants and privatizing Hydro.  The Green party will say no to raising electricity prices, and yes to low cost systems based on efficiency and sustainability.

A new green workforce is emerging, and the Green Party will fight to build a green middle class with good local jobs in food, retrofits and clean innovation.  The only way to change the status quo is to elect a new Party, a Party that has new way of doing politics.  People Powered Change.

Peter Ormond will bring honesty and integrity to his role of MPP.  The Green Party will fight to support to protect our Air, Water, and the places we love with their comprehensive Clean Soil and Clean Water act.  The Green Party is the only party to date that supports free access to the Ancaster Well which has been fenced in due to allegations that Provincial legislation led to its closure.

The Green party has pledged to open Dialogue around combining our Public and Catholic school boards.  Taking efficacy wastes and better applying them to those resources in our community to enhance education and support social services that includes Seniors and the Disabled.

Sustainable public transportation to and from the suburbs to the city center is also high on Peters to do list.  As a life long Hamiltonian, Peter is looking forward to making Green the new Steel for Hamilton, it’s time to put people first.

Let’s move a step forward to creating a sustainable resourceful economy by voting Green on June 7th.

For volunteering or donations to the local campaign please contact.
Joanne Turnell
Campaign Manager – Peter Ormond HWAD
Tel: 289-260-1151

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