Patrick Freel

Ottawa West—Nepean


Pat has been volunteering with the Green Party for almost 5 years. A graduate of the Catholic school system, and an Algonquin College Alumni of the General Arts and Science Program specializing in Environmental Science. He has achieved a 5 year career at McDonalds Canada, earning his position as a shift manager after two years, and currently chair of the Health and Safety department of the restaurant.

Pat is currently on track to obtaining a diploma in Horticultural Industries, seeking experiences volunteering with local farms. He hopes to strengthen the relationship between local farmers and urbanites by supporting local agro-business and advocating for lower payroll taxes for small businesses. Pat is also studying to become certified by the International Society of Sustainable Practices (ISSP).

While working in the food industry, he became motivated to address waste management both privately and publicly. For several years, Pat has been volunteering in various community clean-ups around his neighbourhood in Kanata, as well as areas around Algonquin College.   

A high priority for him is to make HydroOne 100% publicly owned again to help reduce the cost of power in Ontario, while supporting the exchange of energy between provinces, and ending associations with American coal energy. 

Campaign Office

10-250 Greenbank Road K2M 2A3