Lloyd Jones



Lloyd Jones has lived in Mississauga for nearly two decades.

In this provincial election, he is offering its residents a fresh choice. He is offering people the option to vote for an MPP who will: fight against traffic congestion by fighting for funding of transit systems to reduce gridlock; support valuable and sustainable job creation in Mississauga; push for preserving and expanding local green spaces; champion environmentally conscious solutions that will improve energy conservation which in turn will save families energy costs.

Our youth know the importance of, and deserve, a clean, healthy Mississauga with abundant green space. As a secondary school English teacher in Mississauga, Lloyd both inspires and is inspired by his students’ concern for our environmental future.

We need to get our youth involved in our community and address the shameful child poverty that exists in Ontario.  Lloyd knows “All of our commitments make Ontario a better place in which to live, work, and raise your family” (Green Party of Ontario Platform).

Lloyd is going to fight for a government that works together to solves problems, not tries to attack our differences. Lloyd is growing the green movement in Mississauga and raising support for an education-friendly government .

We all love Ontario, together we can protect it.